Why You Should Avoid Ingrown Toenails and How to Prevent them from Developing


An ingrown nail occurs when the nail, instead of growing over the flesh, grows into it. It often affects the toenails, and in most cases, the big toe. Individuals who are most susceptible to this condition are those who have thick and/or curved nails, but anyone can suffer from it. People suffering from diabetes, numbness in their toes, and vascular problems are those who should be very concerned with ingrown nails. However, this does not mean that you should take it lightly if you do not suffer from any of these health problems. In fact, there are many good reasons as to why you should avoid ingrown toenails.

The Main Reasons Why Avoiding Ingrown Toenails Is a Must

A lot of people think that ingrown toenails are normal, which is why they take it lightly. However, this should not be the case, especially those who suffer from conditions that result in their bodies not easily healing itself (such as wounds, injuries, and other types of traumas). So if you have an ingrown toenail and you think that it should not be a cause of concern, think again. Here are some of the main reasons why avoiding the development of ingrown toenails is a must.

• Ingrown toenails can lead to serious infections. When you allow an ingrown toenail to continue developing, this can result in serious infections. Sepsis or blood infection is one of the serious complications that can result from a simple inflammation due to an ingrown toenail. This type of infection actually affects about 750,000 individuals every year.

• Ingrown toenails can result in ulceration – Another major reason as to why you should avoid ingrown toenails is because it can lead to the development of foot ulcer. An ingrown toenail that is left untreated can lead to you having open sores that are very difficult to heal. Again, this should be a major concern for people with diabetes or poor circulation.

• Ingrown toenails can cause gangrene. Gangrene occurs when the supply of blood to a certain part of the body is interrupted causing the death of tissues (also known as necrosis). This can be caused by an infection (like the one discussed above), an injury, or a health condition that restricts proper blood circulation. This is a serious health condition that should not be treated lightly.

There are many other good reasons as to why you should avoid ingrown toenails aside from those mentioned above. Aside from these, the appearance of ingrown toenails is also grotesque, making your feet look disgusting. Fortunately, there are simply ways to prevent their growth and development, with some of them you can do easily on your own.


Here they are:

• Making changes to your hygiene habits. By simply taking good care of your feet, such as cutting your toenails properly and maintaining proper foot hygiene such as thoroughly washing and drying as well as moisturizing them, you can avoid these toenail problems.

• Wearing the right footwear. Throw out your stockings or socks that are too tight. Make sure that you also wear well-fitting footwear, as this will help prevent the development of ingrown toenails.