Ideas for Repurposing Discarded Bangles

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Glass bangles are one of the best accessories that you can use with any type of wardrobe but the problem with them is that they can break when they’ve been worn down so much. Most will throw their old accessories away but if you don’t have the heart to throw them away just yet, why not repurpose them instead?

Repurposing is a great way to breathe new life to your old stuff which, in this case, are your bangles. How can you change them? Here are some examples of what you can do with your old accessories that will certainly make you love them even more.

  1. Curtain rings. Here’s one idea when it comes to recycling your old bangles. Look for bangles that have a small slit in it where you can hook your curtains. Afterwards, just slide the bangles on your curtain rod and that’s it. You have a new way to hang your curtains at home. You can also loop the curtains on the bangles to add accent to your bedroom if you like.
  1. Wall display. With a little bit of imagination and creativity on your part, your discarded bangles can be transformed from broken down into works of art for the walls at your home. You can start with binding the bangles together using craft wire and arrange them in any way that you like. You can have them stacked or lying side by side, whichever you prefer. Let your creativity loose with this project and you’ll have a unique piece to hang on your wall in no time.
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  1. Candle holders. Another idea for repurposing your old bangles is creating candle holders out of them. You can start by stacking them all together and gluing them together or bind them using wires. Loop them around your candles and make sure that the bangles are connected to one another to prevent the candle from toppling over.
  1. Mosaics. Here’s one that your inner artist will surely appreciate. Breaking your glass bangles into small pieces will give you more materials to work on your art. You can combine these glass bangles with your mosaic kit if you like to make your art pop out. Other materials that you can use in your mosaic are broken glass and broken plates.
  1. Wool wrapped bangles. Who said that you can no longer wear broken bangles? You can still make this accessory part of your outfit by breathing new life to its look such as by wrapping the bangle in wool. This will give it an entirely new look which you can mix and match with your outfit.
  1. Bangle butterflies. How about making some outdoor decorations out of your old bangles? Piece together broken bangles to create the wings of a butterfly, wrap it with a fabric that is see through, add some decorations and you now have a butterfly ready to be displayed outdoors or indoors.
  1. Hanging mobiles. What else can you transform your old bangles into? How about hanging mobiles? You can use either a cord or fishing line around the discarded bangles to create a huge mobile. Start with the main bangle and from there, tie the bangles in different heights. You can add other decorative accessories if you like to complete your mobile.

So you see? Your old bangles don’t have to end up in the trash once they are broken because believe me when I say that there are a lot of ways in which you can transform these accessories of yours into something new to enjoy. All you need is a bit creativity and the desire to repurpose and you’ll find plenty of projects to do with them.