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Five Ways To Repurpose Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are easily forgotten once they blow out. They’re thrown out and immediately replaced by another one. What people don’t realize is that...

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Ideas for Repurposing Discarded Bangles

Glass bangles are one of the best accessories that you can use with any type of wardrobe but the problem with them is that...

Repurposing Old Pots and Pans

Most kitchens have plenty of pots and pans on hand and if you’re doing spring cleaning, chances are you’ll be throwing away any pots...

Ideas for Repurposing Old Ladders

Ladders come in handy at home especially when it comes to reaching objects that are placed higher than your normal reach. They are often...

How to Make Japanese Doll Bookmark

If you are looking for a weekend project that you can do with your kids, or if you want to give your friends something...



DIY 101: Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

The aisle at your local grocery retailer where household cleaning items can be found can sometimes become quite a dizzying place, thanks to the...