Simple Ways To Organize Your Home

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A messy house always limits productivity. Instead of doing what you have to do, you need to look for the things you need first. It also keeps you stressed. A cleaner environment can de-stress you unlike a home full of clutter. In more ways than one, a clean, organized home is much better than a messy one. If you’re planning to start getting organized, here are a few tips you can follow to keep your place neat and keep it that way.

In the Kitchen

1. Keep similar utensils in one place. Throw out any utensil or gadget you’re no longer using. Clean out your drawers and use drawer separators to keep your utensils organized. Sort through your utensils and keep each similar type of utensil in one drawer separator.

2. Use a magnetic rack for knives. If you have more knives than your knife holder can support, replace it with a magnetic rack screwed on the wall. This way, you can easily take the knife you need, use it, wash it, and return it in the same place. Make sure the magnetic rack is very secure as it would be dangerous if the knives fall over.


3. Arrange your fridge. Take out anything that’s beyond its expiration date from your fridge and throw it out immediately. Know that different sections of the fridge have different coldness levels. Know which is which and know which food you should keep where to keep your food fresh for longer.

4. Magnetic spice racks. You can use magnetic spice racks and stick them on the side of your fridge to keep your cupboard from getting messy.


5. Attach Under-shelves. If the shelves of your cabinets are too far apart, utilize the extra space by attaching some under-shelves.


In the Living Room

1. Keep your keys in one place. You can stop yourself from the constant torture of finding your keys by simply designating a place to put them instead of carrying them around everywhere. You can use a small dish where you can easily throw in your keys or take them. You can also attach a wooden peg on the wall by the door to hang your keys.

2. Ottoman with storage. Make use of an ottoman with storage to keep random things in one place.


3. Use a cable organizer. Keep wires from messing up your floors by organizing them in a cable organizer. There are cable organizers you can buy but making one yourself would cost less and you can design it in a way that would suit your needs and liking more.

In the Bathroom

1. Use a magnetic rack. You can attach a magnetic rack on your bathroom wall or on the back of a cabinet door to keep any hygiene tools made of metal organized.


2. Use PVC pipes or a magazine rack. Attach some PVC pipes or a magazine rack on the back of a cabinet door to keep hair blowers or hair straighteners neat and organized. This way, you can organize their wires as well.



3. Use high shelves. You can keep the items you don’t regularly need on a high shelf. This way, the items won’t take up space in your cabinets and you won’t find yourself constantly bumping into them.


In the Closet

1. Install crown moldings. Keep your high heels easily accessible and organized by hanging them by the heels on crown moldings attached on the walls.

2. Thumb tacks for accessories. Attach some thumb tacks on the back of your closet door and hang your jewelries in them. This way, your accessories are both easily accessible and organized.

3. Use drawer dividers. Divide your drawers to keep undergarments organized. You can make a DIY drawer divider using nothing more than shoebox.


In the Bedroom

1. Velcro. Use a strip of velcro to hang stuff toys and keep them from cluttering the room.


2. Stepladder as table. You can replace your bedside table with a stepladder in order to keep you from putting too much items there while also effectively organizing your things.