Slim Down Your Face With These Simple Beauty Tricks


It’s one of those days when you’re flipping through a magazine and you see your favorite celebrities looking slim and perfect once again and you wish that you could also have that face shape which accentuates your natural beauty. But not everyone has been gifted with a slim face and that’s okay. In fact, if you happen to see the same celebrities sans their makeup, you might be unable to recognize them and realize that they look so much different than usual. It’s the power of makeup and beauty treatments. There are so many tips one could try to have a slimmer-looking face. Check them out below.

Get A Nice Haircut That Would Flatter Your Face Shape

One of the natural ways you could make your face look slimmer is by getting a nice haircut to flatter and not accentuate it. The key is to make your face look less round and highlight the jaw and corners to add definition. While different haircuts work for different people, there is at least one universal rule that applies to all – hair that is too short makes the face look rounder and on the heavier side while keeping it too long tends to blur its shape.

If your hair is frizzy, avoid cuts that would make it poofy and stand out, it could make your face look too round. However, if you want to add body to your haircut, you could ask the stylist to add soft layers and fringes to frame your face and make it look smaller. Arrange your bangs to make it side-swept instead of blunt cuts as it could lead your face to look wider.

For those unwilling to get a haircut, a simple change in your hair’s part could make a huge difference. Parting it straight in the middle could make you face look wide while a side part elongates. If you don’t know where exactly to sweep your hair, use the arch of your eyebrow as your part guide to give you a natural looking side part.

Contour and Highlight Your Face With Makeup

Use makeup to create the illusion of slimmer face. You would need two makeup products to do this – a matte bronzer or foundation that is two shades darker than your skin tone and a highlighter or concealer that is also three shades lighter. To apply makeup, suck your cheekbones and make a “fish face” then apply the contour powder on the hollows of your cheeks, edges of your forehead, jaw and nose line. Apply the highlighter on the bridge of your nose, under the circles in your eyes, chin and forehead. Blend the colors so that no harsh streaks are seen. This is also to help the makeup look inconspicuous.

Emphasize Your Eyes And Lips

If you’re not keen on contouring, another alternative is to play up your other features such as your eyes and your lips to draw the attention to these body parts and not the shape of your face.

Add color to your eyes to brighten them up. Apply subtle eyeshadow on the lids and line your eyes with eyeliner. Make your lashes look longer and fuller with the use of mascara. You could also opt to do a smoky shadow eye makeup as dark makeup could really open up the eyes, making it look large and your face smaller.

If you’re not contouring, avoid making your lips look too big as full lips could enhance the roundness of one’s face. Instead, apply clear gloss or tinted moisturizer and add a touch of highlighting powder on your cupid’s bow (the area above your lip) as well as the center of your bottom lip to enhance it.

Get the perfect arch for your brows. A higher arch helps round faces to look slimmer while a short and low arch emphasizes its roundness.

Choose The Right Accessories

One thing you could do to elongate your face is to wear dangly earrings. On the other hand, if you wish to wear a hat, make sure that the crown is high to give the illusion of a longer face or you could opt one with a small brim so that it highlights your facial features.