Upcycling Ideas for Wine Glasses


Wine glasses are definitely part of everyone’s kitchen but sometimes accidents happen in gatherings when people have too much to drink or that you simply just have too many wine glasses on hand. If you are one of those people who have a lot of wine glasses at home that you don’t really know what to do with them, here are some great upcycling ideas that you can do to them.

  1. Standing Lamp. Making a wine glass lamp is actually a piece of cake. All that you need is several wine glasses, some tea lights to go inside the glasses, and miniature lamp shades. This is perfect for outdoor dining to help set the mood for you and your guests.
  1. Bell Jar Ornaments. Another idea that you can use when upcycling your wine glasses is to make bell jar ornaments. For this project, you will need to remove the stem of the glasses, add some of your favorite decorative ornaments inside the glass, tie a ribbon at the top and hang them in your tree.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Seasonal Tea Light Holders. Transforming your wine glasses into a tea light holder is a fun way to utilize your numerous wine glasses. Simply spray paint your wine glasses into a seasonal theme, add some decorations to it, turn them upside down, and place your tea lights on top. Display them on your table for added effect.
  1. Crystal Bell Decorations. Broken wine glasses are a bummer but if you have still saved them, you can convert them into hanging decors for your outdoors. Crystal wine glasses can be converted into bell decors even if they don’t have any stems any more. Just make sure that you tie them properly so they won’t fall.
  1. Candle Light Holder. If you are looking for something creative to do with your wine glasses, why not transform them into candle holders? Add some sand and shells in your wine glass, add your tea lights inside and you’re done. These DIY candle holders will definitely lend a charming air to your space.
Image from Folksy
  1. Mini Terrariums. Another great idea that you can do with your wine glasses is to make a mini terrarium with them. A great choice for your terrarium is cacti and since you have several glasses available, they are perfect as gifts for your loved ones.
  1. Wedding Centerpieces. Weddings can be quite expensive and for those who are on a tight budget, going DIY for your wedding decors is worth considering. If you are looking for a way to save on expenses, you can convert your old wine glasses into centerpieces. To make your centerpiece stand out, get some fresh blooms and place your wine glass upside down on it. Use the bottom portion of your wine glass as candle holder and you will now have a unique centerpiece to wow your guests.
  1. Vanity table organizer. It’s not really surprising to find that your vanity table is all cluttered with your makeup, brushes, and other beauty products. Of course, it would be better if your space is organized so you won’t have any trouble finding what you need. One way to get all your stuff organized is to use your wine glasses as holders. You can paint them first if you want to customize their look.

So you see? Even your old wine glasses still have purpose apart from their real use. With a bit of imagination on your end and some craft materials, you will be able to transform your old wine glasses into useful items.