6 Creative Ways To Display Your Instant Photos At Home


In this digital age, Polaroid or Instax photos are a breath of fresh air because they instantly print images for your seeing delight. Unlike digital images that would need time, you get to see the photos a few seconds after the click.

With the prevalence of digital images, actual albums have since become passé and most make use of online portfolios and folders to show them. However, if you are the traditional kind and you like actual photos to be displayed sans the album, here are some creative DIY projects you could make with your collection of instant photos that would showcase both the image and your talent.


polaroid wall

If you have plenty of photos you want to showcase at home without using an album then perhaps having them displayed on your wall would be the best alternative. You could make use of this idea instead of hanging paintings or mirrors on the wall as décor for your home. Simply gather the photos you want to show, place them on the wall of your choice and there you have it. For an added quirk, you could choose a theme for your wall (black and white only, travel photos, landscape, etc.) and you could even customize the way you want it displayed.

Polaroid Magnets

The refrigerator holds the distinction of being the unofficial memo board in your home. Notes, letters, bills and grocery lists are often attached to it with the use of magnets. If you’re bored of using the same old magnets you buy from the crafts store, why not make your own? You could buy a plain rubber magnet and stick your Polaroid photo on top or you could also have it done by a professional.

Photo Calendar

This DIY project is not only creative and quirky, it’s also highly functional and would be best placed in your office or on the wall in your home workspace. First thing you need to do is to assemble 38 images for your calendar. It is highly recommended that you take a photo of anything that has the number 1 to 31 to stand for the number of days in a month. Next is to capture images, which would symbolize as the seven days of the week. If you could find images that spells “Monday” to “Sunday,” then that would be perfect, otherwise improvise. Once the photos have been gathered, choose the wall where you would like to stick the images. You could also do it on a corkboard so that it’s more mobile. Line them up just like any regular calendar and adjust the numbers when the month has less than 31 days.

Customized Greeting Cards

greeting cards

Nothing says personal and intentional than making your own greeting card with a photo of the person you’d address it to. You could simply get a blank cardstock and stick up the photo in front with your own caption (Happy Birthday, Congratulations, etc.) and you have a customized card for any occasion. Another thing you could do is to place the photo inside and make it into a pop-up card for a different look and design.

Insta-Fairy Lights

Add brightness to your room by customizing fairy lights with Polaroid photos. Find Christmas lights from the hardware store and place it on the outline of your headboard. Stick the chosen photos you have and stick it up in the spaces between. You could use wooden pegs or washi tape to attach the images into the lights to make it look rustic and dainty.

Insta-Photo Wreath

This DIY project could be done during the holiday season. You could take pictures of your family members or friends using a Polaroid or Instax camera. Get an embroidery hoop, usually used for cross-stitching and attach the photos on it with the use of masking or heavy duty packing tape. Leave a space between two photos for about half an inch. This is where the holder would go. Now get twine, rope, embroidered loop or any hanging piece you want to use and attach it on the hoop. Your photo wreath is now ready for hanging.