Ten Ways To Recycle Shoebox


Styling, organizing, and de-cluttering your home will never get old. And what better way to do just that than with the classic, all-purpose shoebox. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female; everyone has a bunch of shoebox lying around. You may even have reused some already in an attempt to organize your home. With the right tools and a bit of creativity, you can repurpose your shoebox in just about any way you want. Here are a few ways to recycle your shoebox.

Storage Box

storage box

Everyone knows that shoebox can be repurposed into a storage box. But here’s a neat way to do it: just use a hot glue to stick a bunch of chopsticks vertically around the shoebox. Make sure to glue some chopsticks horizontally on the inside where the chopstick length exceeds the shoebox in order to provide more support. With its stylish design, no one will know it was once an old shoebox. Throw in your magazines, toys, or even use it to decorate some plants around the house.

Desk Caddy

desk caddy

One way to keep your desk clutter-free is by organizing all your pencils, pens, markers, scissors, and other supplies into one desk caddy. Simply cover your shoebox with decorative paper or fabric and stick some painted toilet paper roll cores on the inside. Voilà! You now have your own personalized desk caddy.

Wall Shelves

wall shelves

You can use your sturdier shoebox to add some color on your walls. Spray paint the outside of the shoebox and add some decorative paper inside then screw it on the wall. You can then use this shelf to display some of your lightweight décors. Add some more shoebox shelves to keep the décor from seeming out of place.

Wall Art

wall art

Another way to use shoebox to add color on your walls is by using it for wall art. You don’t even need the shoebox itself for this, just the lid. Cover or paint with your desired design and attach different sized ones on your wall. One tip is to use colors that would contrast the color of your wall to make it pop out and attractive to the eyes.

Charging Station

charging station

Organize and hide your charger cords with your own charging station. Cover your shoebox in decorative paper and add some eyelets where your charger cords will pass through. Add another one on the lateral side of the shoebox from where the rest of the eyelets are. This is where the extension cord wire will pass through. Place the extension cord inside the box and your charging station is ready to use.

Closet Organizer

closet organizer

Keep your closet organized by designating two or three shoeboxes in your closet or dresser drawers. Place anything that can mess up your closet in these boxes such as underwear, socks, bras, or ties. Keep each type of clothing in one box. Now you won’t have to dig through your closet or drawer to find that small piece of undergarment or clothing you need. Cover the shoebox in decorative paper or paint if you want.

Accent Box

accent box

By covering a shoe box with fabric scraps, you can transform it into the loveliest room décor. You can then place some candles inside or just stack a couple of them to make an empty space look brighter.

Nail Polish Box

nail polish box

Cover your shoebox and lid with decorative paper or fabric and you’re done. You can also paint a small dot on top of the nail polish bottle with its color to easily find the nail polish you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can use just the lid to organize your nail polish.
Picnic Basket

Cover a shoebox with handkerchief and fabric then use some ribbons as strap. Place your food inside and you’re ready for a fun picnic or date.

Accessory Organizer

accessories organizer

Keeping accessories from getting tangled up with one another is one of a girl’s worst nightmares. For an easy solution, cover a shoebox lid with burlap, pin some thumbtacks, and you’re done! Hang it on your closet door or wall for easy access.