How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Shoe Odor In Your Room


It’s one of those days when you enter your room and you’re suddenly arrested by a funky smell. You search left and right for the source, hoping to be rid of what’s causing the bad odor. Much to your dismay, you look down and you realize that it’s your feet that have been emitting the scent that could rival the moldy cheese you throw from your ref. To make things worse, the bad smell has lingered and you’re left with a funky odor in your room.

This might seem funny but if you’re sharing a room with someone then this could be annoying to the point of downright embarrassing. But you need not suffer from your feet’s smell, here are some tips you could follow to eliminate the bad odor in your room.

Use Air Fresheners That Are Both Natural And Artificial

First thing you do is to open the windows to let out the scent. The fresh air is very helpful in thinning out the smell. If your room does not have any windows that could be opened, you could switch on a fan and open your door to let the odor out.

Next thing you could do is to take out the cause of the smell, which unfortunately, is your shoe. You could clean and deodorize it outside in the open air so that it would stop emitting the nasty smell in your room. You could also spray air freshener in your room once the scent has waned. Never spray it while the scent still lingers, as it would mix up with the funky scent that could produce a more foul-smelling odor.

Aside from the air freshener, you could also choose to put a bowl of charcoal in a corner of your room so it absorbs the smell. Another natural option is to leave a bowl of vinegar overnight to keep the air in the room fresher. If you have orange peels, place it on strategic spots to add a nice scent to the room. However, if the shoe odor is very overpowering, you might need peels of more than 3 oranges to counter it.

Baking soda is another home ingredient that is known to be very effective in eliminating bad odors of any kind. Simply mix 4 tbsp. of baking soda with a cup of water and the juice of one lemon in a spray bottle. Spritz it around the room to remove the bad smell, focusing on the area where the shoe is located. Once done, open the windows to let the air out.

Remove The Source Of The Bad Odor

There’s no point spraying deodorant or air freshener in the room if the cause of the funky smell is still present. It would only cause more. Of course, if the scent is coming from your shoe, you cannot just simply throw it in the trash. Find ways to eliminate the smell in your shoe with these steps so it won’t cause more:

• After use, feet could leave sweat stains that cause bad odor. Dry out the shoe first by airing it out or with the use of a fan
• Leave a crumpled newspaper overnight to lessen the scent. The paper would absorb the bad odor in the shoes
• You could also exchange the insole with something that uses cedar material as the wood is a known absorbent
• Wash your shoes when not in use and dry them thoroughly before use. Use fabric conditioner if possible
• If your shoes are not made with washable material, you could clean the exterior with the use of a cotton ball damp with alcohol and lightly dab the surface

On the other hand, feet is the actual source of the smell so one should also be careful with the footsies with these tips:
• Wear a sock as much as possible. Choose an absorbent material.
• Sprinkle your feet with foot powder that contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate to lessen the sweating that causes the bad smell
• Wash your feet well and dry them thoroughly especially in between the toes before putting on shoes
• Soak your feet on saline solution with the use of kosher salt to dry it out.