Ideas for Repurposing Old Jeans


Ever since jeans came into the fashion scene, people have gone gaga over them. They’re functional, fashionable, and comfortable to wear no matter what the occasion is. However, jeans do fade over time and they can get ripped from constant use but if you’re like thousands of people who just can’t seem to dispose of their old pair of jeans, here are some ideas where you can repurpose your beloved pants.

  1. Jean purse. For those who are not into sewing, this little DIY project is sure to fit you well. Simply cut the back pockets but make sure that you add some of the jeans at the waist to create a flap. Put some holes where you can run a cord through, add some final touches, and that’s it. You now have a little purse to bring with you anywhere you go.
  1. Lace skirt. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous with your DIY project and you’re good with sewing, this DIY will definitely work for you. Start by cutting off below the zipper of your old jeans to create the base of the skirt. From there, add layers of lace to create your skirt and that’s it! You can use any other accessories to dress your skirt up too if you want for a fully customized outfit.
Image from YouTube
  1. Apron. Your old pair of jeans can actually be converted into an apron that you can use when you’re in the kitchen our out in the garden. Use the back part of your jeans so you’ll have pockets for your apron, add some decorations, and don’t forget to include the waist of the jeans to tie around your waist.
  1. Denim placemats. Who said that your old pair of jeans is better off in the trash? Making denim placemats out of them is actually a smart move not to mention help keep your utensils organized, thanks to the pocket of your jeans and the belt hole. Just cut the back portion of your jeans, sew the edges, and voila! You now have a denim placemat to use at home.
  1. Denim-covered pencil can. Here’s a fun project that you and your kids can do. If you’re like some people who simply use leftover cans at home to hold their pens, why not dress them up a little? Cut the fabric of your old jeans and glue it around the can. Add some embellishments on the sides and you’re done!
Image from DIY Projects for Teens
  1. Cute bookmarks. Booklovers will surely enjoy a handcrafted bookmark made from old jeans. You can cut them in all manner of shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s preferences and you can customize their design too. Why bother buying bookmarks when you can make one using your well-loved pair of old jeans?
  1. Denim handbag. This DIY project will suit even those with basic sewing skills. All that you have to do is to choose a nice rope or belt to loop around the waist of your jeans, cut off at least one inch from the zipper and sew the bottom to close it and you now have yourself a nice handbag to complement your outfit.
  1. Closet organizers. Sometimes our closets can look disorganized what with the scarves, belts, and the like thrown in the drawers but the good news is that there is a fast way to get things organized inside your wardrobe. Just cut strips from your old denims, add a hook and eye on each end then attach them on the pole inside your closet. Hang a hook where you can hang your scarves, belts, and other accessories.