Ideas for Repurposing Old Ladders

Image from Dishfunctional Designs

Ladders come in handy at home especially when it comes to reaching objects that are placed higher than your normal reach. They are often used in fixing your home too to get to higher places like the roof or ceiling. But just like with any other type of equipment, ladders can get broken too or replaced with a newer one. With you ending up with an extra ladder that is just taking up space in the garage and gathering dust, why not repurpose it instead?

The good news is that there are plenty of ideas that you can use to repurpose ladders. Here are some that are worth taking into consideration.

  1. Wall décor. If you have a blank wall in the living room that you want to utilize, why not hang your old ladder horizontally? You can use it to hold picture frames and other wall decorations for a unique wall décor.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Shoe rack. Here’s another idea that you can use with your old ladders. If you don’t have space in your closet for your shoes, your old ladder can be repurposed into a shoe rack. Use the steps to hold the heels of your shoes so you can simply grab them as needed.
  1. Kitchen catch-all. Install your old ladder in your kitchen and use it as a towel rack. You can hang your aprons too if you like for easy access not to mention add more decoration to your space.
  1. Clothes hanger. Another way to repurpose your old ladder is to make it into a clothes hanger. Just hang your ladder from the ceiling, add hooks to hold your hangers and you can simply hang your newly washed clothes for drying.
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  1. Herb garden ladder. Add some flair to your garden by utilizing your old ladder and transforming it into a herb garden ladder. Just open the ladder and use its steps to hold different pots containing your favorite herbs. This will certainly be an eye catching piece in your garden.
  1. Pot suspender. For sure you have a lot of stuff in the kitchen that you need to find a place for such as your pots and pans. A good way to convert your old ladder is to use it as a pot suspender where the rungs of your ladders will be holding your pots and pans. Just place the ladder near your kitchen counter for easy reach.
  1. Ladder bookcase. What else can you do with your old ladder? How about a ladder bookcase? Install the ladder on one side of the wall and secure it in place. Just add book holders for each rung so your books won’t fall.
  1. Lantern suspender. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your dining or porch area look more beautiful, suspend your ladder from the ceiling and hang lanterns of different sizes on it. This will certainly catch the eyes of your guests plus it will help give illumination to your eating area at night.
Image from DIY Enthusiasts
  1. Ladder shelf. For those who need extra shelves in the house, you can use your old ladders to create new shelving. Just open your ladders facing one another then add some planks with the rungs holding them in place. The heavier items should be placed in the middle of the plank to avoid toppling the shelf.

Who would have thought that there are many uses for old ladders? With a little bit of creativity on your part, you can transform your old ladder into something useful for the home without you spending anything for decoration at all.