Proven Ways on How to Get Rid of Cellulites


Those orange peels and bumps on your thighs and buttocks region are undeniably unsightly and needs to be gone right away. These are cellulites that are basically fat cells that settle just right underneath the top layer of the skin.


Cellulites attach themselves between connective tissues that connect directly to the skin resulting in those pesky lumps that make it impossible for you to flaunt your stuff at the beach. Women are the only ones haunted by these fat cells. Poor circulation and genetics are also known contributors to the appearance of cellulites. If you have long been suffering from cellulites, there are actually tips and tricks on how to get rid of them for good.

• Walk It Off

Walking is known to be the most basic form of physical activity. Although it is not as strenuous of a cardiovascular workout when compared alongside jogging and running, it does promote health, well-being, and even the slow but effective disappearance of cellulites.

If you lead a pretty busy lifestyle, all that you need to do is to walk three miles for 60 minutes for four straight weeks and those cellulites will eventually be gone for good. The best thing about walking as one technique on how to get rid of cellulites is that it is not painfully hard to perform. To make it more productive, you may even incorporate other activities with walking such as taking your dog on a stroll as you go.

• Promote Good Hydration by Increasing H20 Intake

Improved hydration of the body has many benefits one of which is improved skin smoothness and feel. Drinking plenty of water reduces the appearance of cellulites too.

• Work it Out

Aside from cardiovascular exercises, there are also routines that specifically target areas of the body where cellulites form. Make sure to perform exercises that focus on working the things, buttocks, and hip areas. Here are some routines that you can even do right at the comfort of your own home:
– Side to Side with dumbbells is a basic exercise that works the quadriceps, abductors, adductors, hamstrings, and glutes.
– All-Four Kickback which not only strengthen the muscles of the buttocks region but also tighten the muscles in and around your thigh area.
– Ballet Thigh which basically involves raising the legs high enough as you support the weight by holding onto railings in front.
– Thigh Chair which is a simple routine that involves squatting as low as you can while your back is inches away from the wall.

• Eat Food Items Rich in Lecithin


Lecithin –rich foods such as cauliflower, peanuts, lettuce, eggs, and apples effectively restores the strength and health of dermal cells. By increasing your lecithin intake, you are not only promoting weight loss but fast disappearance of unwanted cellulites altogether.

• Cellulite Creams

The use of cellulite creams as one trick on how to get rid of cellulites act as supplement on top of the other techniques mentioned above. Make sure to purchase cellulite creams that contain natural ingredients. Beauty experts advice users to take a shower prior to application. Perform exfoliation or scrubbing in cellulite-infested areas to promote circulation and easier absorption of the cream during application.