Rustic Wedding Design Ideas You Could Do At Home


Rustic wedding themes have been taking the front seat for the past months now. Not only is it simple and classic, it also incorporates a lot of materials and props that could be easily found in nature and in your homes. Aside from that this theme is perfect for the backyard, garden and even in your own barn.

Taking the opposite route of opulent wedding celebrations, what makes rustic wedding themes a hit is the fact that it makes use of the environment as the backdrop and very friendly to the pocket because of numerous do-it-yourself ideas that could be made well in advance to add props and design to the event.

Rustic weddings are characterized by browns, earth tons, neutral and nude shades. For the extra frill, lace and burlap are good accents to add texture and life to your theme.

From the invitations to the altar backdrop up until the buffet table, one could easily create rustic-themed designs to add a personal touch to your special day. Check out these simple and easy DIY projects to consider on your wedding day.

Wedding Invites

The good thing with making your own invites is that you get to personalize it as much as you can and with the help of the Internet, you could also look for ideas that you would want to incorporate in your own design. You could use Microsoft Publisher to create your invites. Open the application and set the pages to the dimensions of the invite page. Then create the design you want with the use of font boxes and graphics, print them and voila, you have your DIY wedding invite done. For added effect, print the invite on brown cardboard paper and tie it up with twine.

Mr. And Mrs. Seat Labels
seat labels

Want your guests to know that the seats prepared on the table are for you and your spouse? Why not add a chalkboard seat label to display your newly married status. Get a small chalkboard (or illustration board would do), using colored chalk write the word “Mr.” on one board in a cursive calligraphy. Punch two holes and add twine to act as placeholder on the chair. Get another chalkboard and write “Mrs.” for your own seat label.

Wine Bottle Vases

If you’ve collected wine bottles over the past years and you have no idea how to recycle them then this is the best time for you to take them out and give them a do-over. Since rustic weddings make use of a lot of upcycled materials, prepare your old wine bottles and convert them as vases for the flowers you would put on each table for your guests. Not only is it environmental friendly, it is also economically wise.

Tree Stump Cake Holder
tree stump

Of course, a wedding reception would not be complete without a cake. To add flair to your homemade cake, why not display it on top of a cut tree stump designed with flowers. Not only is it in consistence with the theme, it is a stable alternative to tables if you want to save space at the reception.

Mason Jar Cocktails
mason jar

Mason Jars are not only great for preserving pickles and jams, it could also double as a cocktail glass for the guests on your special day. Just add a few slices of fruits and herbs for taste and you got yourself a nice and unique rustic cocktail glass at your disposal.

Burlap Red Carpet

Instead of walking down to meet your once-in-a-lifetime in a red carpet, why not trade it for with burlap to get that added rustic feel? If you think it might be too harsh-looking, you could sew on lace trimmings on the side or stitch it your and your spouse’s initials for a more personalized touch.