7 Amazing Health Benefits of Being a Dog Owner


You’re probably thinking whether it is always a good idea to own a pet dog what with the bills to pay for their upkeep as well as making sure that they are getting medical attention. But did you know that there are actually several benefits to be gained when you own a pet?

Studies have shown that those who own pets are actually healthier compared to those who don’t. Here are the health benefits that are linked to owning a dog.

  1. Dogs can detect cancer. There have been scientific reports on dogs smelling cancerous growths on humans decades ago. Dogs don’t just smell skin cancers but they can also detect breast, lung, colon, bladder, and even lung cancer just to name a few. Although studies are still being conducted on how dogs can sniff out cancer, it can be handy to have one around.
  1. They can keep you physically fit. Having a dog means taking the time to go for walks to exercise your pet. You may think that you’re doing your furry pal a favor but you’re actually doing the same thing for yourself. Walking is one of the best workouts that you can do on your spare time which means both you and your pet will be physically fit in no time.
  1. Become resistant to allergies. Dog hair can trigger allergies but if your kids are growing up in a house that has a dog, you are already helping your kids build up resistance against allergies as they’re growing up. Even pregnant women who are constantly exposed to dogs can actually help their babies build resistance.
Image from BarkPost
  1. Improve heart health. Another plus to owning a dog is having better heart health. You can actually lower your blood pressure and heart rate when you pet your dog. Another study conducted in China showed that those who owned dogs can actually sleep better and are less likely to be sick.
  1. Can detect low blood sugar levels. There are certain types of dogs that can actually detect whether their master’s blood sugar level is going down. Although scientists are still trying to figure out how dogs can do this, it is possible that they can scent changes in their master’s smell in time to alert them to eat.
  1. Better social life. It appears that having a dog can actually make you more approachable as opposed to not having one. You’ve probably more inclined to talk to someone who has a dog if you get the chance. Even if you don’t tend to hang out in the park with your dog, having a dog as a companion can actually help you become more sociable in the long run.
  1. Reduce stress. Have you ever experienced getting worked up at the office and then suddenly all the tension disappears as soon as you see your dog bounding towards you to welcome you home. Even bringing dogs to work can actually reduce one’s stress. Many employees feel relieved when they see dogs in the work place that is why there are some offices that allow pets to work to boost employee performance.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why having a dog is a good idea. With the health benefits mentioned above and more, you will get a lot of fun out of having a furry pet with you wherever you go. For sure, it will be worth the trouble of spending money when you have your furry best friend with you.