Teach Your New Pet To Potty Train Outside In These Simple Steps


Just like humans, pets also need to go and eliminate waste once in a while. This part could be very daunting for a new owner or a new puppy because boundaries and rules have not been set yet. Most often than not, your cute puppy would relieve himself in places where it shouldn’t leaving you frustrated and with a new mat to clean up.

Pets, most especially puppies, go at it when they need to and that’s just something you have to accept as an owner. In fact, puppies and new dogs pretty much take this approach in everything they do during their early stages.

But before you get frustrated and decide to return your new pet, there are ways to avoid having your new carpet or couch soiled with poo. Potty training your dog is the best way you could keep your house clean and your dog disciplined. Fortunately, training your dog to relieve itself in the right spot is possible with the right kind of training and with just enough discipline and patience.

There are ways in which you could train your puppy to eliminate its waste on the right spot, just be consistent and you would soon not have any problems with your pet.

It’s normal to prefer that your puppy relieve itself outside the house. With this in mind, you must be able to take your dog outside as frequently as you can. Your dog could take this time to eliminate its waste during these walks, which leaves your house free from any annoying poo or pee.

When taking your dog out, make a schedule and stick with it. This way, your dog becomes trained to associate the “walking time “ with you and with relieving itself. You could do this twice a day, one in the morning and another in the evening. Take note that puppies, need to relieve themselves more often than adult dogs because their bladders are still small and developing.

To ensure that your “walking time” becomes a way for your puppy to relieve itself, create a feeding schedule for your dog. Best time to do this is before your schedule outside walk. Be sure to wait at least 30 minutes after your dog has eaten before taking it out for a walk. Consistently doing this would help your dog have a pattern when he needs to eliminate.

Sometimes, dogs might need to go even when it’s not their schedule yet. However, before they do so, there are certain things they do to indicate that they need to go. Common signs that show a dog needs to go are:

• The puppy has been going around stiffly in circles
• Having the dog’s tail positioned in a funny way
• Sniffing the floor as he looks for a place to dump his waste, etc.

When you see these signs, take your dog outside immediately whether it’s your time to walk or not. It’s best to come up with a command to indicate what he needs to do, such as saying “out” so he could associate that word with going outside.

It’s important that you learn and interpret signs from your dog so you will know if it needs to go or simply walking around.

When you take your dog outside, choose a spot where he could relieve himself. Best to choose a place in your backyard that has grass or soil so it would be easier for you to clean up after. Every time you take your dog outside for “walking time,” bring him to that spot and wait. Since these animals are creatures of habit, they would soon associate that are with relieving themselves.

Some owners put a dog on a long leash and tie it near the designated area. This way, the dog could still walk around a bit as it prepares to relieve itself without feeling confined.

If your dog’s potty area is not within your backyard, be sure to pick up after and leave it clean. Always bring a plastic bag with you to properly dispose of the waste after.

Spend a lot of time with your new pet or puppy to fully understand its needs. The best way to train your dog not to relieve its waste inside your house is to stop it before it happens.

Another way you could train your dog is to keep him in his crate at night. Dogs do not like to sully the place where they sleep so most often than not, they would wait until they are let out to relieve themselves.

Whenever your puppy makes a mistake of soiling inside your house, clean it up immediately and use a detergent to get rid of the smell, otherwise your dog might associate the smell with his poo and do it again. Lastly, do not punish your dog when he does as he would not be able to understand what you mean and would be fearful of you instead.