10 DIY Gift Ideas You Can Make with Essential Oils in It

Image from The Prairie Homestead

A lot of people love homemade gifts. Some people love giving them, while some love receiving them.

There’s always that certain special feeling knowing that someone spent some of their precious time into creating a gift with their own two hands. It makes the receiver feel loved. The same goes for givers—they want to show their care to people by giving them something that they made themselves.

Though there is certainly nothing wrong with going to the stores to get the latest scented perfumes or body lotions to give as gifts, but for that extra personal touch, one can create a homemade version of such and give it to other people. Apart from this, you may also utilize non-toxic ingredients and essential oils instead of artificial fragrances.

Essential oils are hot in the market nowadays, and use of such adds a certain festive touch to any gift. A lot of essential oils in the market are also quality-made, affordable, as well as safe for use. So if you’re thinking of gifting someone, consider the following gift ideas that made from essential oils.

Body butter

A lot of people may not be so familiar with body butter and its benefits to the skin. So just to get it out there, body butter is a kind of moisturizing cream and normally provides a more intense moisturizing versus regular lotions.

Image from We Up It

Bath salts

Bath salts are so easy to make on your own—just combine Epsom salts and essential oils and you’re gift is good to go.  Bath salts are very well received since it can benefit the skin in more ways than one. Aside from making you feeling beautiful and smelling great after use, bath salts when used in natural form, can help you maintain the smoothness of your skin. It also helps in skin detoxification.

Roll-on perfume

Roll-on perfumes are very handy, which makes them a perfect gift, especially for people who are always on the go.

Hand soaps/Body wash

Soaps are also very easy to create on your own. Add the essential oil of choice and you’ll be in for a rather fragrant treat. Tie a festive bow to your creation or pair it with a hand towel to make a great DIY gift for someone you know.

Image from Live Simply

Lip balms

Lip balms can really rescue your lips especially during winter/dry season.  They’re very easy to do too! All you need is a combo of easy to find ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and your choice of essential oil for fragrance. In a double boiler, just melt the ingredients. Once done pour in the essential oil, mix then pour into molds.

Shaving creams

These can be great additions to any gift basket containing other skin care products. It would also be a good gift for both men and women.

Lotion bars

Lotion bars are known to intensify the effects of skin moisturizing in the very handy form of a bar. These products are solid at room temperature like a soap bar, but when rubbed on skin, it melts in tiny amounts, providing the skin with a thin layer of moisture power.

Beard oil

This is going to be a great stocking stuffer and should be well appreciated by all the bearded men in your life.

Image from Make It and Love It

Sugar scrub

Sugar scrubs make for good exfoliating agents for the skin—very easy to prepare too! You may use regular sugar plus your choice of essential oil for scent. Try lavender for that extra calming and soothing effect after.

Oatmeal bath

This one’s also going to be a hit. Great for gift baskets containing sugar scrubs and bath salts.