10 New Ways to Repurpose Mason Jars


Mason jars have been around for some time now and have been used in various ways from holding food to drinks to whatever you have in mind. Of course, there are those who have some impressive imagination and have come up with new ways on how you can repurpose your old mason jars. You might be surprised to find that the mason jars you are planning to throw away can actually make your space more interesting.

  1. Garden jar chandelier. Well this one is fairly straightforward. If you have small mason jars stored away, it’s time to get them out and tie some strong rope around its neck, hang them on a sturdy plank or any base for that matter and hang it from a tree or pole. Add some sand and tea lights inside the jars and light them up at night.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Glass jar typography. If you are handy with a pen and you want to surprise your loved ones with personalized gifts, then grab your old mason jars, add their names to them, put some chocolates or favorite drink inside and you’re done. They can reuse their mason jars with their name on it anytime and in any way.
  1. Metallic vases. Another idea on how to repurpose your old mason jars is to spray paint them with metallic paint and use them as vases. You can actually make a statement out of these jars and with some metallic spray paint.
  1. Textured typography. There are so many possibilities when you have spray paint, puff paint, foam letters and old mason jars on hand. Write some words or sayings in your mason jars using foam letters and puff paint, spray paint with your choice of color, and you now have a new decorative piece to add to your home.
Image from Home So Good
  1. Bathroom storage. Small mason jars can be repurposed into bathroom storage. You only need to install clamps on a plank, place the mason jars in the clamps, install it on a wall in the bathroom and fill them up with bathroom necessities like cotton, earbuds, and the like.
  1. Pantry organizer. Having trouble finding ingredients in your pantry? Get your old mason jars, add some labels to them, and arrange them in your shelves. This can help make your space look more organized plus it will be easier to find what you are looking for.
  1. Hanging kitchen storage. For this project you will need strong glue that can hold your mason jars overhead. Apply a generous amount of glue on the cover of your mason jar and glue them where you want them. You will only need to unscrew the mason jars to get your stuff.
  1. Beachy terrarium. Why not bring home a little bit of your vacation with you? If you’ve just come back from a beach trip, preserve your beach keepsakes in your mason jars and put them on display.
  1. Cocktail sippers. This one is definitely an idea worth using especially during the summer where everyone will be sipping something cool to drink. Just cut a hole on the cover of your mason jar to hold a straw and add your favorite cocktail mix in the jar and serve.
Image from thekrazycouponlady.com
  1. Mason jar succulent garden. Well, how about making a garden in a jar? Add some stones at the bottom, add soil, and your choice of succulents and you now have a tiny garden to care for.