Creative Wall Decoration Ideas


A blank wall is like a canvas waiting to be painted. The only difference is that you can beautify your walls even if you’re not an artist. There is more than one way you can make your walls stand out and it doesn’t always involve painting. Even if it does, there are simple tricks to make painting easier and free from extra effort. A huge, windowless wall offers many opportunities for your creativity to pour out. And once you’re done, you’ll find that nothing would match the satisfaction you’ll feel after personalizing your wall in your own, artistic way. If you need ideas and inspiration, here are some creative ways you can decorate your wall.

1. Temporary Fabric Wallpaper

temporary fabric wallpaper

If you’re renting or if you simply want to change the appearance of your walls, you can make a temporary wallpaper out of fabric. All you have to do is mix 2-3 cups of fabric starch or corn starch with warm water then roll the mixture with a paint roller onto the fabric on your wall. It’s easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

2. Oversized Photograph

oversized photograph

A relatively easy way to instantly fill up an empty wall is by covering it up with an oversized photograph or painting. Choose a minimalistic design to make your room look more elegant or choose one with a mixture of bright paints to add a pop of colour to your room. Keep in mind though that if you opt for an oversized photograph to design an empty wall, it would be best to use and abstract photo or design rather than landscapes or sceneries.

3. 3D Colorblock Wall Art

3D Colorblock Wall Art×0/filters:no_upscale()/

Paint different-sized wood circles with different colours using acrylic paint and painter’s tape. Attach them to a hardboard or plywood at different heights—short, medium, or tall—using some dowels and wood glue to give the circles a 3D effect. Finally, attach a tooth hanger to the hardboard then hang it up on your wall. Try to paint the wood circles with a contrasting colour compared to your walls to give a greater emphasis on its popping effect.

4. Whisk Broom Texture

Whisk Broom Texture

If you’re repainting your walls, add an elegant texture by running a whisk broom horizontally or vertically on the paint while it’s still wet. This will keep your walls from looking too empty even if you leave it as it is.

5. Washi Tape Décor

Washi Tape Décor

Another temporary way you can design your walls if you’re living in a dorm or apartment is by simply using a bunch of Washi tapes. Just tape it on your wall, following any pattern or design you want, and you’re done. You can easily remove and replace it with another design once you get tired of it. And the best part is that Washi tapes have an unlimited variety of patterns and designs so you’ll never run out of ways to decorate your walls with Washi tape.

6. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Personalize your walls by filling it up with different-sized frames. Print out your favourite quotes, patterns, or photos, then glue them on different coloured cardstocks, frame it up, and hang it on your wall. Use colours that would contrast your walls to make the frames stand out and make sure to use different-sized frames so as to add an artistic touch to the décor.

7. Mirrored Wall

Mirrored Wall

Use a bunch of mirror wall tiles to decorate or completely cover up blank walls. Just install the mirror wall tiles by using some Scotch Mounting Squares and you’re done.

8. Mapped Wall

Mapped Wall

Strengthen the wanderlust in you by using maps as wallpaper in your room. Use heavy-duty wrapping paper to keep the maps from tearing too easily or use any vintage maps you have. You can either glue the maps on your wall or just tack them into place. The larger the map is, the better, but you can still use a bunch of small maps placed next to each other.