10 Smart Ideas for Repurposing Kitchen Items


Are you trying to de-clutter your kitchen? Before you throw away those baking tins, silverware, colander, and the like, you might want to consider holding on to them a bit longer because with a little creativity on your part, you will be able to use your old kitchen items into something useful. As a matter of fact, here are 10 suggestions to consider.

Image from DIY & Crafts
  1. Wine rack to craft holder. For those who love to do crafts, you probably don’t have enough storage space to hold all your materials like yarn, brushes, paints, and the like. A good solution to this is to use an old wine rack as storage. You can set it up on a wall near your work station or on your table for easy access.
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  1. Cupcake tins to planters. If you have a green thumb and would like to grow your garden some more, why not get all of your old cupcake tins and use them as planters? You can use them to grow seeds or succulents whichever you prefer. And because the cupcake tins are lightweight, you can easily move them around the garden as needed.
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  1. Colander to yarn storage. Working with yarns, threads, and ribbons can be frustrating at times especially when they get tangled. One way to avoid this is to place them in a colander and thread them into the holes which you can pull as needed. Not only will the colander keep your strings in one place but it also helps prevent tangles too.
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  1. Silverware to napkin holder. Are your drawers overrun with silverware? If you are planning on disposing some of your silverware, why not convert them into napkin holders instead? Since silverware can be bent, you can create circles out of them to help hold napkins on the dinner table.
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  1. Baking pans to tiered dessert trays. If you are thinking of disposing some of your baking pans so you can get new ones, why not convert them into tiered dessert trays instead? Place the biggest at the bottom before attaching a pole in the middle to hold the medium sized baking pan. Add another pole for the smaller pan and you now have a tiered dessert tray to use at home.
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  1. Wine rack for bead storage. Here’s another idea that you can use for your old wine rack. Get some small jars containing the beads that you are using for your handicraft and store them in the wine rack. Not only will this keep your materials in one place but it can also make your work station look more organized.
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  1. Paper towel holder to organizer. Paper towel holders can come in handy when it comes to organizing your things. For example, you can use the holder to store your hair ties, ribbons that you use for your crafts, and even your necklaces when you opt for the hanging paper towel holder.
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  1. Ice cube trays to drawer organizer. It’s not surprising that our desk drawers will appear quite cluttered but with the help of old ice cube trays, you can organize your drawer so that you will be able to see all of your knickknacks and office supplies as well.
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  1. Cutting board to calendar. For your old cutting board, try adding a chalkboard to it so that you can hang it in the kitchen and use as a calendar. This way, you will know what day it is and by simply wiping the chalk off, you can change the days and months too.
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  1. Tin cans to pedestals. If you have plenty of tin cans lying around, why not convert them into pedestals which you can use in the dining area to hold decorations or food?