15 Amazing Bookshelves Book Lovers Should Have


Are your bookshelves no longer enough for your growing book collection? Don’t worry because a lot of people can relate to your predicament particularly other book lovers like you. It doesn’t matter whether you still have your old children’s books or are in the process of building your own mini library at home, here are a few bookshelf ideas to follow to store your impressive collection of literature.

1. Honeycomb shelves.

As the name suggests, the design for this type of shelf is similar to the honeycombs of bees. It’s up to you on whether you want to put all of your books on display or just a few of your favorites, this kind of shelf will be quite an eye-catching piece on your wall.

2. Liner for bookshelf.
Traditional looking bookshelves may already bore you but with a Sharpie and art paper, you can make them pop by adding liners at the back. This will make your books pop and can even add more interest to your growing collection of books with your own customized design.

3. Bookshelf headboard.

If you’re looking for more space for your books, look to your bed’s headboard. This is usually left unused which means you’ll have more space to set up your bookshelves. The best part? You can simply grab your favorite title from the headboard while in bed.

4. Book rack.
This book shelf design doubles as a place to store your book as well as bookmark. It has a small plate to support the book and it has pins or bookmarks to help you keep your place in the book that you’re reading. The plates can be moved so you can align your books just the way you want.

5. Round bookshelf.
round bookshelf

Do you want a place to store your books and have a place to read them? The round bookshelf is for you. As the name suggests, the design of this book is rounded with a place where you can sit and even lie back for a more comfortable reading position. It’s unique and multipurpose too.

6. Attic shelves.
If your home has an attic, use the sloping design of the room when creating bookshelves on the wall. Customize your shelves to fit nicely on the available space so you’ll be able to store all of your book collection and other knickknacks.

7. Typographic bookshelf.

This type of bookshelf has a design that separates books that you’ve read and those that you haven’t. This is a great way to organize your books and can even help remind you which book to lend or not.

8. Triangle shelves.
Since square and rectangular shaped bookshelves are already common, opting for a triangle shaped shelf is worth considering. Not only will this design give your books a place in your home, but it will also add value to your, otherwise, bare wall.

9. Tree bookshelf.

Another unique piece to store your books, the tree bookshelf won’t drop any apples on your child’s head but it can help store books that will help unlock your child’s imagination. This design is on the expensive side but collecting books isn’t exactly cheap to begin with.

10. Scrap wood bookshelf.
If you have plenty of scrap wood out on your backyard why not make your own scrap wood bookshelf. Show your creative side with scrap wood and don’t forget to add some shelves too to store your book collection.

11. Balance bookshelf.

Will your read outweigh your to-read books? This is a good idea to see how far you’ve gone into finishing your to-read book pile. You can either buy a balance bookshelf or make one on your own.

12. Basket bookshelves.
Instead of spending money to buy a book shelf, why not recycle your old baskets? Simply install the baskets on your wall using their base, add the books, and you’ll have unique storage spaces for your books.

13. Luggage bookshelves.

Extra luggage or suitcase at home that you don’t use? Why not convert them into bookshelves? This is a great example of recycling items at home and making them into a more useful product. Luggage bookshelves can also double as a decorative piece in your living room or bedroom.

14. Staircase bookshelf.
If you have stairs at home, why not convert the steps into extra bookshelves? This is a great place to store your collection.

15. Invisible bookshelf.
invisible bookshelf

This design will definitely boggle the mind of your guests when they see your books floating on the wall. The base of this shelf should be a hard bound so it won’t bend or fall. Place a Velcro strip at the center of the back cover of your hardbound and another Velcro strip on the metal brace. The Velcro will keep the bottom close and sturdy. Drill holes on your wall to accommodate the metal braces then pile up the rest of your books on top of the base book.