6 Alternative Workouts Outside The Gym


They say that “health is wealth” and there is some truth in this. When you are healthy and feeling optimal, your output and outlook is more positive and your become more productive. However, in this age of instant food and hectic schedules, healthy could be taken for granted and least prioritized.

That is why a lot of gyms have popped up, hoping to cater to the healthy lifestyle everyone needs. But sometimes, working out in the gym is a luxury not everyone could afford. So if a membership in your city’s gym is not in your budget, will you let this issue become a hindrance in achieving a fitter and healthier you? Luckily, there are alternative ways you could exercise without owning a gym membership. Check some of them out below.




This activity is perhaps the simplest and cheapest way for you to achieve a healthy body. You only need a good pair of rubber shoes and you’re good to go. The fancy running shoes could come handy, yes, but if you’re still a beginner, you don’t need to invest in the expensive ones immediately.

Running could get boring and monotonous… if you’re running on a treadmill. But the nature around you offers a great alternative with scenic sites and refreshing shades as you run. You also get to discover a different part of your city when you do.

If you think running alone would not motivate you enough, join a running club to help inspire you. These clubs also offer a support system while helping you improve your form. Not only will you get go exercise, you could meet new friends in the process as well.

Team Sports

team sports


Group sports such as football and basketball could really amp up your cardio system and help develop muscles in the process. Head to the nearest outdoor park to play a small game of football or even Frisbee. The discipline involved in playing the game with rules and regulations would also benefit you greatly, which you could apply in other aspects of your life.




Remember when you were younger and it was such an achievement and thrill to finally ride your bike without the training wheels? Then why not revive that feeling and get back on biking. If you don’t have extra time to spend in long distance cycling, why not start in small steps and begin with riding the bike to and from work. Not only will you help your body but you would also be doing the environment a favor by lessening your carbon footprint.




This activity is something that you could also do at home. If you want structure, you could look for dance videos you could pop in your player and copy to get your heart rate up. But if you want a more spontaneous twist, just choose a really catchy tune or mix from your player or Spotify and start moving.

However, if you’re serious with this, there are dance studios that offer lessons in ballet, jazz, hip-hop and others. There are also dance workouts that you could try such as Zumba and Barre.




Ah, nothing beats the refreshing feeling of water on your skin. Swimming is a good cardio exercise, which also helps build leg and arm muscles in every stroke. The exercise is actually a complete body workout that targets the buttocks, back and shoulders as well. Some doctors even suggest swimming as therapy for those who have scoliosis or asthma as the exercise help expand the lungs and improve breathing and posture. Check out your city’s local recreation center or enroll in lessons to have a proper idea on form.

Walking and Playing With Dogs

walking with dogs


Dogs, or any pets in general, are a great bundle of energy that requires diffusing and one way you could do this is by engaging them in activities that would tire them out such as walking or a game of “fetch.” In the process, you also get your heart rate up, ensuring that you burn more calories.

Doing this could also help you bond more with your pet and boost their health. Pets need exercise too just like humans and working them out would do wonders for them in the long run.