7 Of The Most Impressive Skylines In The World

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The beauty of an entire city can only truly be captured in its skyline. Often, towering landscapes and bright lights are not the basis for a beautiful cityscape but instead, the essence of the city alone. And the best way you can admire a city is by studying it from afar. After all, being in the middle of the busy streets of a bustling city can prevent you from truly appreciating the beauty of it all. You’ll have to crane your neck just to size up a towering skyscraper. But at a distance, when the setting sun or when the dark sky serves as a backdrop to a cityscape, only then will you be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the city. Here are seven of the most impressive skylines in the world that have captured the life and essence of the world’s greatest cities.

  1. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia boasts a handful of impressive skyscrapers and buildings. Perhaps the most popular of all is the Sydney Opera House, standing 65 m high with its unusual yet incredibly creative structure. In Sydney, Australia, you’ll also find the Chifley Tower at 241 m, the Australia Highlights Syndney Tower at 309 m, the Deutsche Bank Place at 240 m, and the Citigroup Centre at 243 m.

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  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a truly stunning view especially if seen from the Guanabara Bay. The Sugarloaf Mountain serves as a perfect backdrop for the busy city that boasts 2,567 tall buildings in a span of 1,182 kilometers. Although the city may not have the highest skyscrapers, the combination of the tall peaks of the mountains and the towering buildings is surely enough to count the city’s skyline as one of the best in the world.

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  1. Toronto, Canada

The skyline of Toronto, Canada is simply stunning especially if viewed with the setting sun. One of the buildings that stand out from the rest of its cityscape is the CN Tower, standing at 553 meter high, with its unusual structure and towering height. The influx of 300,000 new residents to the city over the last 15 year caused the major change in the skyline as the population boom led to the need for new buildings.

  1. Shenzhen, China

China is known to be a very populated country and due to that, the demand for new buildings and skyscrapers led to the beautiful skyline of the city of Shenzhen. Shenzhen was once a sleepy riverside town turned into a major economic player that currently contains 23 buildings over 650-ft tall and is inhabited by millions of occupants.

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  1. New York, USA

One of the most famous cities in the world is none other than “the city that never sleeps”—New York. New York has gained much popularity because of its towering skyscrapers and impressively tall buildings leading to ever-busy streets and bustling activity. There are no less than 5,845 high rise buildings in New York that collectively create one of the most beautiful skylines in the world even at night when the sky is dark and lights in the buildings are on.

  1. London, England

Although the buildings of London are quite different from what you’re used to, its skyline is no less impressive. The architecture in London is very distinct and has been the product of centuries of age. Historical sites like the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the Palace of Westminister are a beautiful sight even if seen along with the modern developments influenced by the Western’s urban architecture such as the London Eye, the Shard, and the Gherkin.

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  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

The architecture of the buildings of Edinburgh is very distinct as well but is no less beautiful. Edinburgh, Scotland boasts the impressive Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill, and Edinburgh Castle. What makes Edinburgh’s skyline even more incredible is that its buildings are not styled in the modern way. It exhibits the country’s culture and years of impressive architecture.