8 Budget-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids


The temperature’s rising, summer is here and school is out. While kids have been waiting for this all year ‘round, some parents dread this time when the kids are home with nothing to do. Sending kids to summer camps is expensive and so are visits to theme parks and water parks. Grandma and grandpa would love to have them, but after a while they’d be stuck with the same conundrum—what are they to do with these kids?

Fortunately, the answer to that is quite simple. Kids just want to have fun and be with their families. So buckle up, here are 10 fun-filled summer activities you and your kids can enjoy without breaking your wallet.

1. Start a Lemonade stand



Putting up a lemonade stand is a classic summer activity that’s easy for your kids to do and manage on their own. This will not only keep them occupied the whole day, but it’ll teach them something about business as well.

2. Bubble paint craft

bubble paint


Your little one will love this one. This time it’s okay to blow bubbles in their drink as they make dreamy bubble prints that make perfect book covers, gift card or decorations in their room. It can be a bit messy, but that’s all part of the fun.

Decide how many colors of bubble paint your child wants and gather the same number of small containers. Squeeze about a teaspoon of tempera paint into the container, doing the same for each color. Then squeeze the same amount of dishwashing liquid into the container and add about half-a-cup of water. Stir the paint and water to mix them together.

Hand a straw to your child and encourage her to blow through the straw to create bubbles. Stop blowing when the bubbles reach the top of the container. Assist your child in pressing a paper as he makes bubble prints.

3. Little kitchen helpers

kitchen helpers


Ask your kids to help you prepare and cook your next family dinner. Not only will this help sharpen their cooking skills but this will also encourage them to eat healthy foods which they prepared themselves. Cooking is also a lifelong skill that your kids will surely use in the future.

4. Draw on the sidewalk



Chalk drawings are a great way to encourage your kid’s inner Picasso. Use the sidewalk or pavement as their canvas and let them express themselves freely. Just make sure to take a snapshot of their masterpieces before stomping feet erases them or the rain washes it away.

5. Play with chalk spray

chalk spray


This is a creative variation to drawing on the sidewalk minus the mess from the chalk. All you have to do is whisk 1-1/2 cups cornstarch into a cup of hot water. Make sure that there are no clumps in your mixture. Add a teaspoon of washable tempera paint and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Transfer this to your squirt bottle and shake gently to mix well.

Watch your kids make designs and patterns on your driveway. Just remember to shake it really well each time you use it as it can separate when left standing for a long time.

6. Plan a picnic



Fill your basket with the healthiest fruits of this season and head on to your nearest park. Let your kids do the meal planning and let them help in the preparation. You can bring board games or play ball and Frisbee while in the park. And if you’re lucky, you just might meet a few friendly ducks in the pond.

7. Go on a hike



Pack your backpacks and take your kids on a walk in the wilderness. This may be the best time to teach your kids about the local flora and fauna and how to care for them.

8. Go bike riding



Explore the hidden paths and bike trails in your local forest. But if you’re not feeling too adventurous, you can just bike around your neighborhood or the nearby park. Just make sure you’re wearing protective gear and following traffic rules.