8 Stunning DIY Vintage Decor Projects

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Making your home space beautiful can be quite a challenge especially if you don’t have the money to spend on new, modern furniture and décors. However, redesigning your space doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. Instead of following a modern theme, why not go rustic and opt for a vintage design? You can transform your home into a cozy, classic paradise without needing too much funds. By making a couple of decorations yourself, and by spicing up some of your old furniture into new vintage pieces, you’ll have a breath-taking home speckled with touches of gorgeous self-made antique. Here are right stunning DIY vintage décor projects that can help you get started on redesigning your home space.

  1. Pallet Shelf

Wooden pallets can sometimes be a challenge to repurpose except if you take the wood apart and use it for something else. However, you can easily make a shelf out of a wooden pallet without having to break it down and start from scratch. Just add a couple of shelves on the pallet, add a coat of wood stain, and then hang it up on an empty wall.

  1. Plate Display

For a really simple way to turn an empty wall space into a shrine of classic design, just fill up the wall with vintage plates. If you own a couple of vintage plates, chances are, you’re not using them anyway so use them for decoration instead. You can even pick up a couple of vintage plates at your local flea markets or yard sales for a very cheap price if you don’t own some or if you need more.

  1. Suitcase Coffee Table

Vintage suitcases look incredibly classy but they’re not worth much if you’re not using them. Instead of having a gorgeous vintage suitcase collect dust in the attic, why not turn it into an elegant, vintage coffee table? Basically, all you have to do is attach four table legs onto the bottom of the suitcase to add height. Paint the table legs with a pastel colour, or a colour that would match the suitcase, to complete the DIY coffee table.

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  1. Old Crib Bench

Kids outgrow their cribs surprisingly fast. Before selling, giving away, or throwing out their old crib, consider turning it into a rustic bench instead. Just remove the side panels of the crib and add some throw pillows and cushion.

  1. Crate Boot Rack

If you happen to have a couple of vintage crates at home and you don’t know what to do with them, you can turn them into a really antique-looking boot rack. Remove the top of several crates then stack them up vertically. Place the larger crates horizontally so you can use it for storing your other shoes.

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  1. Pallet Coffee Table

Two wooden pallets and a couple scraps of wood can actually make an innovative, rustic coffee table. Sand the pallets and add a coat of wood stain if necessary to make the coffee table look glossy and new. You can use 9-inch blocks of wood for the table legs for the perfect coffee table height that will surely make a room look instantly classy.

  1. Funnel Candles

For a rustic candle holder, old tin funnels will surely serve the purpose well. You don’t even have to change anything anymore. Just turn the funnel down then fit the candle into the small mouth and light it up. You can place an old saucer at the bottom, inside the funnel, to keep any drops of wax from ruining your table.

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  1. Lace Balls

Lace balls can make any room look elegant and chic. To make some, blow up a balloon to the size you want your lace ball to be. Use spray glue to attach doilies all around the balloon then let it completely dry until the doilies harden into a giant ball. Pop the balloon and remove it then suspend the lace ball in the room you want to decorate using string or twine. For variety, make big and small lace balls for an even more beautifully vintage look.