Camera Tricks to Try with Your Smartphone

Image from Zeendo

Everyone has a smartphone in them these days not just to make it easier to communicate with loved ones, friends, and colleagues but also to check on their work and even entertain themselves. Another reason why many can’t seem to get enough of this device is the fact that it is equipped with a camera for taking pictures. And mind you, the cameras installed are not the low quality type but can already rival that of most point-and-shoot cameras. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to take amazing photos instantly. There are a few tricks that you need to keep in mind to take shots like a pro.

  1. Cardboard tripod. Shaky hands can be a problem when taking photos with your smartphone but not when you make a tripod yourself using pieces of cardboard. Stack them up or create a phone holder out of it, turn the timer on (if your phone has one) and shoot.
  1. Panorama drive by. One way to get some amazing panorama shots using your smartphone is to shoot while you are driving. You might be surprised on how your photos turn out with this neat little trick.
  1. Zoom in with telescope. If you have a binocular or telescope at home, press the camera of your smartphone into the eyehole of the scope to magnify a subject. This is worth a shot especially when you’re trying to capture an image that is a bit far from where you are standing.
  1. Reflector. Lighting is everything when it comes to taking good shots with your camera or smartphone so if you don’t have sufficient lighting, use your car’s reflectors to add more illumination to your subject. This is particularly useful when taking portrait shots so the light coming from your source will bounce on the reflector for added effect.

  1. Press the volume button. A lot of smartphone users are doing selfies these days but most are still struggling with hitting the virtual button to take a photo of themselves. If you want to become a selfie expert minus the struggle, just press the volume button on the side of your smartphone to take a photo.
  1. Water drop for macro effect. Taking macro shots with your smartphone is possible with a little help from a water drop. Just place a tiny drop on your phone’s lens and snap a photo of your subject. You’ll see quite a difference in your photo with this simple trick. Just make sure that you wipe your phone properly so it won’t get damaged.
  1. Create clones. Are you wondering how some people manage to make multiple images of themselves in one photo? Well, you only need to use the panorama feature of your phone and have someone take a slow pan as you run behind them to position yourself in one area to the next until you complete the shot.
  1. Barcode reader. Smartphones nowadays can actually read barcodes which comes in handy especially when you’re looking for better pricing. There are some apps that allow you to compare the price of one product with another in the market so you can choose a cheaper alternative if need be.
  1. Pinhole shot. Since the lens of your camera phone can’t be changed like in the case of DSLRs, you can get creative and make your own effect. For example, get a cardboard and a tack and make a hole on the board. Press your camera phone’s lens against it and shoot. This is what you call the pinhole effect and it does the trick.