Fifteen Easy DIY Projects


These nifty DIYs will only take minutes to make and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Here are fifteen easy DIY projects you can do at home.

1. Personalized Mug


Design your own porcelain mug any way you want by using a sharpie. Any color will do the trick. Just bake the mug afterwards at 350°F for 30 minutes and cool completely before using. Alternatively, you can use Pebeo Markers instead.

2. Night Lantern


For an easy DIY night lantern, cut open a glow stick and pour its contents into a jar. Then just add diamond glitter. Seal the jar with a lid and shake. Turn off the lights and see you jar glow as if it’s full of colourful fireflies.

3. Flower Stamp


You can get a beautiful flower design out of okra. Just slice it, paint the sliced area with the color you want or dip it into a glob of paint then wipe off the excess, and stamp it onto your paper.

4. Another Flower Stamp


If you don’t have okra, then a plastic bottle will do. Dip the bottom of the plastic bottle in paint and stamp it on wherever you like.

5. Yarn-wrapped Painted Jars


Just wrap you jar with yarn or twine as many times as you want, paint it, then peel off the yarn once the paint has completely dried. Put some candles or tea lights inside your jar and see its beautiful glow.

6. Button Thumb Tacks


Make your bulletin board more adorable with button thumb tacks. Just use some hot glue to adhere the thumb tacks to the buttons and it’s done. Use different button styles, sizes, and colors for more variety.

7. Water Jug Lantern


If you’re out camping or if you just need an emergency light or a simple lantern, try this out. Just point a headlamp towards a water jug to give it a nice, bright glow. It’s easy to bring and it provides sufficient light for those especially dark evenings.

8. Pebble Placemat


Simply use a hot glue to stick pebbles flat onto a circle of felt or wood. This is especially perfect for hot teapots or serving bowls, and it gives a nice touch to garden parties.

9. Donut Bangle


You can paint the entire bangle first if you don’t like the base color or just go ahead and paint the donut frosting. Add little streaks of different nail polish colors to serve as the toppings of the donut.

10. Cork Board


Make a vintage-looking bulletin board out of cork. Take the glass out of a picture frame and arrange your wine corks on top of it. If you’re happy with the arrangement, use a hot glue to keep it in place.

11. Jar Terrarium


Just fill a large jar with soil, moss, pebbles, and some small plants. Place it around your home and you’ll have a mini garden in a jar.

12. Metallic Duct Tape Candles


If you want to amp up your candles, try using metallic duct tape. Just wrap you candles in metallic duct tape and it’s done. You’ll find that these candles are fit for almost any occasion.

13. Hanging Mason Jar Lights


Just make a hole in the Mason jar lid big enough for the light bulb socket. Insert the socket on the lid, secure your light bulb into place, and screw the lid back on the Mason jar with the light bulb inside.

14. Smoky Ombré Vase


To achieve a smoky ombré vase, simply spray paint your vase or glass bottle from the bottom in a circular motion. Painting from the bottom will speckle the sides of the vase or glass bottle by itself.

15. VHS Case Hidden Storage


If you still have VHS cases lying around, you can screw it on the wall to hide small objects in plain sight. Paint and design the VHS case as you wish.