Food Battle Which is Healthier


There are varieties of food available in supermarkets. People often buy the things that suit their taste without giving a little consideration about the nutrient content the body can get from it. Here are some of the foods and drink most people eat. Now look which of the two is better in terms of the health benefits and the nutrients it can provide.

Cream Soup vs Clear Soup


The next time you have a soup for meal, see to it that instead of having a clear one, you add milk or cream into to make it creamy while adding more flavor. Milk, which is the main ingredient in making a cream soup, contains better amount of calories and fat in the body. Milk is also packed with a high quality of protein, carbohydrates, calcium and electrolytes. Both soups might provide nutrients but cream soups can be hailed as the victor when it comes to giving better calorie and fat content.

Dried Fruits vs Fresh Fruits


Dried fruits and fresh fruits can both be considered as healthy foods. Both also contain a fair amount of nutrients vital for the body’s health. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and other health-promoting compounds and they are actually good for those having a strict diet due to its low calories. They also supply antioxidants which are beneficial for the holistic wellness of a person. Both may seem to have equivalent values of nutrient but fresh fruits are more preferable. This is because a small percentage of the vitamins in the dried fruits are lost during the dehydration process. So the next time you decide to grab some fruits while grocery shopping, make sure you choose the fresh ones.

Fresh Tomatoes vs Tomato Sauce


For pasta and pizza lovers, tomato sauce is one of the key ingredients. When cooking, some make their sauce from fresh tomatoes while others tend to pay a visit to the supermarket and rely on the factory-made tomato sauces. Both may produce a delicious meal, but which of the two would standout? It is common knowledge that lycopene is a substance that can help minimize the risk of having a deadly cancer. Tomatoes are prominent sources of lycopene. But according to studies, the lycopene found in tomato sauce is better absorbed by the body compared to the lycopene from fresh tomatoes. Hence, tomato sauce is a better source of this antioxidant. Fresh foods are labeled to be a better nutrient giver than processed foods. But in some cases, some processed foods are just as nutritious as the fresh ones and fresh tomatoes versus tomato sauce is one good example.

Soup vs Green Salad

green salad

The winner in this battle is difficult to pinpoint since both are close rivals. It is difficult to assess which one is better than the other because some vegetables are best consumed raw to obtain the maximum nutrient it contains while others need to be heated to bring out the optimum nutrients it have. But still, opting for the green salad can be a wiser decision. Green leafy vegetables are unquestionably equipped with varieties of nutrients essential for the body. When cooking soup, it sometimes can’t be avoided to add a little bit of MSG on the soup to enhance the flavor. And so, going for green salad is a better choice and make sure to add a little dressing.

White Wine vs Red Wine


White wines and red wines are two of the most popular wines that can be seen on menus. These are the most common types of wines used in any important celebration. But which bottle to pop is much better? Carbohydrate wise, there is relatively no difference for white and red wines. However, red wines can be considered a better drink due to its little sugar content. Red wines are also deemed good for the heart and can reduce the horror of macular degeneration.

All the foods and drinks stated in these battles are all nutritious and delicious to eat. It is just a matter of which one of the two can potentially give the most nutrient the body needs.