Five Ways To Repurpose Light Bulbs


Light bulbs are easily forgotten once they blow out. They’re thrown out and immediately replaced by another one. What people don’t realize is that everything thrown out will add to the never-ending pile of garbage that grows more and more each day. People also don’t realize that nearly everything can be recycled and repurposed to at least lessen the environmental side-effects that waste can cause. As for blown-out light bulbs, here are some great ideas to bring them back to life.

1. Light Bulb Hot Air Balloon

light_bulb_hot_air_balloon_diy 051-1

Keep light bulbs around your home for longer by transforming them into an adorable hot air balloon home décor. Cut four petals each that fit vertically on the light bulb from two different types of fabric. Glue them on the light bulb alternately. While it’s drying, poke four holes opposite from each other on a bottle cap. This will serve as the basket. Paint and design it any way you prefer. Then, loop a string and let it fall on four sides of the light bulb. Secure the bottle cap on the end of the string and it’s done. Hang the light bulb hot air balloon anywhere you like.

2. Light Bulb Terrarium


Almost anything made of glass makes a great terrarium. Light bulbs are no exception. Start off by removing the parts inside of the light bulb by making a hole on the cap of the light bulb. Alternatively, you can make a small hole on one of the convex side of the light bulb by following the right way to cut glass. Through this hole, put in a layer of tiny pebbles, soil or sand, and activated charcoal from the bottom to the top then plant in tiny plants inside it. Make sure you don’t overcrowd it and that all the plants have the same environmental requirements.

3. Hanging Light Bulb Vase


Another way to make light bulbs eco-friendly is by transforming them into a vase. First, remove the parts inside of the light bulb by making a hole on its cap. Wrap a string or some aluminum wire around the cap and make a huge loop to hang it wherever you like. Fill the light bulb with water through the hole you made and put in some flowers as you would with a normal vase.

4. Oil Lamp


Light bulbs can still keep a light glowing even when it has blown out. Make a hole on the cap of the bulb and remove any parts on the inside then wash it thoroughly. Make a small hole on the center of another metal cap (from a bottle) and fit a thick string like a shoelace through it. Pour some lamp oil inside the light bulb until it’s about 1/3 full and screw on the metal cap on the light bulb cap. Make sure the string is long enough that it is submerged in the oil while still extending about half an inch outwards of the cap. Light up the portion of the string that’s sticking out with a match or lighter and watch the light bulb illuminate your room once more. Keep the bulb upright by gluing it on a flat surface such as a block of wood or by putting a small magnet inside and outside of the bulb.

5. Light Bulb Pear Décor


Another great and simple way to use light bulb as a home décor is by turning it into a pear which you can place on a plate to fill an empty space in your room. Simply wrap the entire light bulb with rope or twine and secure the ends with glue. Stick on a brown string or a short piece of wood upright on the end of the cap to simulate the part where the pear was picked off from the tree.