How to Reuse Old Drawers


People tend to throw things away when they’re no longer useful, broken, or outdated. Of course, furniture pieces do change over the years and when the new becomes old, out it goes. But can you imagine the amount of trash that we throw away that can actually be reused or repurposed? For example, if you have old dresser drawers that you are thinking of disposing of, why not stop for a minute and think about how you can repurpose your old drawers. Well, if this is your first time to do DIY projects, here are some ideas on what you can transform your old drawers to.

  1. Under-the-bed storage. If you have an ample amount of space underneath your bed that you want to utilize, you can place your old drawers here where you can organize your personal items. Just pull them out when needed and the best part is that you don’t have to buy boxes for storing your things.
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  1. Garden planter. Another idea that you can use when repurposing your old drawers is to make planters out of them. You can paint your drawers to make them stand out in the garden, then add some soil, and your favorite flowering plants for display. If your drawers have that weathered look, you can use it as a focal point in your garden as well.
  1. Jewelry display. If you have plenty of accessories taking up space on your dresser, displaying them in an organized fashion using your old drawer is highly recommended. Simply add some mesh wires or foam where you can pin your earrings and the like and you will have a more organized display on the top of your dresser.
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  1. Ottoman. For those who are handy with hammers, saws, and nails, this DIY project is something worth doing over the weekend. You can transform your old drawers into ottomans by simply adding a cushion inside the drawer so that it can be used for additional seating at home. Add some feet under the drawer and you’re done.
  1. Wall storage. Another DIY project that is worth considering for the home is to make storage out of your old drawer. Just add some shelves inside the drawer, install it on a wall, and you can arrange your bottles and other items for more space on your tables and counters.
  1. Dollhouse. If you have a little girl at home, this idea is worth considering if you have two old drawers that you don’t really need anymore. Converting these two into one big dollhouse may be a challenging job but one that your daughter or niece will love. Just put the two together, add a shelf for the two drawers, add some paint and decorations and you will have a nice dollhouse for your child to play with.
  1. Old clock. This may be a bit tricky for some but it’s worth making if you are fond of doing DIY projects. Repurpose your old drawer into an old clock by adding numbers at the back of the drawer with the long hand and short hand in between. You can use batteries for this just like you would an old clock, add some fresh paint to your drawer or leave its coloring as is and you’ll have a new clock to grace your home.

Who would have thought that you can do so many things with your old drawers? With just a bit of creativity, time, and effort, you can come up with a lot of great ideas for repurposing your old drawers.