Six Creative Ways To Recycle Paper Cups


One of the most common objects in human trash is paper cups and yet, they’re also one of the easiest recyclable ones. There are many easy arts and crafts projects you can do with paper cups in order to reduce garbage even just by a little bit. For instance, the paper cups you used for a party can be recycled, not as paper cups, but as a garland for your next party. Here are a few creative ways you can recycle paper cups.

1. Fairy Lights

1 fairy lights

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Light up your party or room with paper cup fairy lights. All you need to do is poke a hole on the bottom of the paper cups and then insert each bulb of the fairy lights into the hole of different cups. Hang it up in your garden or room for a great way to illuminate a place day or night.

2. Twilight Lamp

2 Twilight Lamp

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If you’re looking for a dim glow that illuminates patterns on the wall, make a twilight lamp out of paper cups. The first thing you need to do is to paint the paper cups with a dark colour. Then, poke holes into the paper cup until you form your preferred pattern. Place a LED tea light inside the paper cup and decorate it around your room or garden for a romantic, magical glow. You can add a handle made of string or twine so you can hang it wherever you like.

3. Gift Box

3 Gift Box

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Instead of buying a gift box for small items or accessories, consider making one out of paper cups. First, cut off the rim of the paper cup. Then snip vertical lines about an inch and a half into the cup. Do this with each vertical snip about an inch away from each other until you’ve covered the entire circumference of the cup. Place your gift inside the cup then fold down the panels, overlapping the previous panel each time. Secure it in place by using a large sticker or by wrapping it with ribbon.

4. Crown

4 Crown

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Make a simple crown for kids out of paper cups. First, cut off a series of triangles all around the rim of the paper cup. Then glue pom-poms onto each point of each triangle. Next, make a hole on either side of the base of the cup. Thread a black ribbon through it or fit a black headband through the holes then secure it on your head.

5. Party Poppers

5 Party Poppers

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Easily make your own party poppers out of paper cups. First off, cut off the bottom of a paper cup. Cut the tip of a balloon, not the part where you blow into, and stretch it over the bottom of the paper cup where you made the cut until it fits securely. If it’s too loose on the bottom, try the mouth of the cup instead. You can secure the balloon in place with a tape for extra measure. At this point, the part of the balloon where you blow into should be protruding out. Make a knot out of it then fill the cup with pom-poms. Pull back the knot in the balloon then release and watch the pom-poms fly out.

6. Paper Lantern

6 Paper Lantern

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Recycle your paper cups into lanterns for a festive glow. Start by cutting the walls of a paper cup into strips as thick as you prefer, leaving an inch uncut at the bottom. Do the same with another cup, making sure that both have the same number and thickness of strips. Bend the strips outward and staple one strip from each cup together. Repeat until you have one pair of strips left. Poke a hole at the center of the top cup then thread a string through it. You’ll be hanging the lantern with this string so secure it by knotting it or by using a tape. Insert a LED tea light into the lantern through the gap then staple the last pair of strips together. Hang it up for a beautiful glow.