Spirituality and Food – The Different Roles Played by Food in Spirituality


When it comes to spiritual practices, you will find that each of them is backed up by a particular logic as well as science. One aspect of spirituality that a lot of people are not that aware or knowledgeable of is food. In many different practices, food is considered either to be an aid or as harmful. There are several different roles that are played by food in spiritual lives, and this article will help you become enlightened of them.

Understanding Food and Its Role in Spiritual Lives

Before you can start to comprehend the food that you consume and the roles it plays in your spiritual life, you first need to understand yourself. As a human being, there are three different types of selves that you are comprised of. The firs one is your material or gross self, which consists of the five nature elements. The second one is the subtle self, which consists of your mind, your false ego, and your intelligence. The last one is your soul, something that is not attached to any religion, sex, or gender. Rather, it is connected to and with the Supreme Being.

How Food Helps Spiritual Seekers Attain their Goals

In general, the goal of a spiritual seeker is to understand his or her real identity and make certain the Supreme Being is pleased in everything that he or she does. Aside from wearing and doing things that will benefit one’s spirituality, the food that one consumes also plays an integral part in helping an individual attain his or her goals.
Since food has an influence and impact on the various thought processes and actions, it makes sense that eating the right produce and products will provide assistance to one’s spiritual journey. It is because of this that food has been categorized by Bhagvad Gita and the Vedic Scriptures. These categories include the following:




This is basically comprised of foods that are sweet, fatty, palatable, and juicy. It is said that they are considered to be included in the mode of goodness, since they have the ability to lengthen the duration of a person’s life, give strength, purify the existence, and result in satisfaction and happiness. Milk products, wheat, rice, sugar, fruits, and vegetables fall into this category.



– These are foods described to be too much of something, like being very bitter, salty, dry, hot, pungent, or sour. While they may induce passion, they can also result in distress and pain. In addition, these foods produce mucus in the stomach that can cause health problems. This is why many who believe in spirituality and lead spiritual lives avoid onions and garlic, because these foods are known to be aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are foods that induce sexual passion. They are avoided because they can potentially distract one from reaching his or her spiritual goals.



– These are foods that have been cooked for more than 3 hours before they are consumed. In spirituality, they are described as stale, tasteless, as well as unclean. In some cases, they may also be putrid and decomposed. It is said that these foods are in the mode of ignorance and/or darkness.