Ten Top Skin Care Tips


Skin Care is very important, if we want to keep on looking youthful. However, it’s not just about skin care itself, it’s also about your lifestyle, your habits, and what you eat. Here are ten skin care tips that can work for you. They are a combination of natural skin care guidelines, and holistic skin care solutions that can make your skin look better. They can also make you healthier and feel better as well.

Protect yourself against the sun

sun protection

This is so important that we have a miniature list specifically for protection against the sun:

Wear sunscreen even on overcast days. The SPF rating may vary depending on the weather.
Do make sure that your sunscreen is meant to be put on your face. This will avoid unnecessary irritation and other unpleasant reactions.
On the other hand, being slightly tanned can even out your skin color. It may be a good idea to occasionally use a lower SPF rating or use self-tanners.
You should have a supply of your sun protection agent with you at all times. Keep a small bottle handy in your bag, or in your drawer at work, so you can reapply after a few hours.


What you eat can definitely affect your skin care regimen. A proper diet is one of the best natural skin care solutions around.

Water helps you remove toxins from your body, including substances that can affect your skin. Do make sure that you drink enough water each day.
Green tea and black tea can help in prevent collagen breakdown through protective chemical compounds. They can slow down the development of wrinkles.
Eating a healthy breakfast can make your skin look healthy the rest of the day. Nuts with essential fatty acids, like almonds, are helpful, as are tuna, salmon, and halibut. You can also have the fish for lunch or dinner, if you feel they are too heavy for breakfast.
Sweets like chocolate can trigger breakouts, in combination with stress. Sugar, on the other hand, can accelerate the breakdown of collagen, and speed up the creation of wrinkles. Eat low-glycemic carbs like whole grains, rather than indulging in sugary food.
Sodium can make your face look puffy. Control your intake, and read all the ingredients in the prepackaged food you eat. You may be surprised at which ones have too much sodium. Find low-sodium substitutes for these, if you can
If you find that you can’t resist eating food that can be detrimental to your skin care habits, then you should at least practice moderation. It’s okay to have an occasional treat.



High levels of stress can elevate hormone levels, and these can lead to skin breakouts. They can also trigger psoriasis attacks in people who have the condition. Aside from managing your workload and finding some “me” time to relax, part of your natural skin care solutions should be to enroll in meditation or Zen classes. Besides, you can prevent more wrinkles on your face if you frown less.

Skin care combinations

Not all natural skin care solutions work well with each other. At the very least, some skin care solutions don’t work well when they are applied one before the other, or at the same time. Do experiment to see how your skin care products match each other. It’s even better if they are all from the same company. For example, sunscreen and antioxidants work well in the morning, but retinoids and peptides might be better for application at night.

Keep your skin care solutions within reach


Always have a skin care kit with you at all times. You should have a small kit in your bag, and have one in the office as well. This is also aside from your main set in the house. Natural skin care solutions may be somewhat more difficult to carry around or have in the office, so you should at least have them ready in the house. You should also organize it so that you bring only the basics when you are going around. That way, you won’t look like you have a mini-clinic with you.

Proper exercise

Exercise not only helps your skin care regimen, it can also be a natural skin care solution in itself.

– High-impact cardio exercises may not be such a good idea in terms of skin care, as the jarring movements can weaken collagen, making skin sag. Stick to exercises that don’t make you move around so much, like using a static bike or an elliptical machine.
– Some yoga positions can improve dermal blood flow. Yoga can also reduce inflammation and stress, which can accelerate skin aging.
– Strength training may not seem like a skin care solution, but better muscle tone also means firmer skin from the neck down.


Cleansers should be a part of your skin care regimen, but you should find one that matches your complexion. Cleansers are available for oily, dry, and normal skin. Some are also made for specific skin conditions.

If possible, you should start with mild cleansers first, and see at what level you feel most comfortable with. Other than that, you should also try using mud facemasks to absorb excess oils.



You should always bring skin moisturizers with you, particularly during winter or if you live or work in areas with low humidity. As with cleansers, moisturizers are available in formulations that are according to skin type, for maximized skin care. Do try to find one that offers some UV protection aside from ingredients that can keep the skin healthy, not just moisturized.

Makeup removal

Makeup removal can sometimes be a chore, and some people don’t realize that it is part of proper skin care to remove makeup before going to sleep. This is because makeup left overnight can clog pores and cause skin irritation.

To counter this, you should have a makeup removal kit – probably a cleanser and moisturizer set – right next to your bed, on your table. That way, if you feel too tired to go to the bathroom, you can at least remove your makeup when you’re already in bed, before you sleep.

Blemish removal

Treat blemishes with care, and gently cleanse them and apply only products meant to treat them as part of you natural skin care habits. Blemishes may look annoying and even embarrassing, but it’s better to make sure they leave no lasting marks. You could try using a 10% solution of benzyl peroxide, and see if it works for you.