Tips For a Hassle-Free Period


For women, the red days of the month can definitely be a hassle. Aside from being conscious all day especially if you are not staying at home due to unavoidable appointments or urgent matters, monthly periods can incur muscle cramps and painful dysmenorrhea that can at times put you to bed all day. Irritation, being hot tempered, and mood swings are all normal when having a period due to hormonal changes and imbalances that are happening in the body. If you’re suffering from these discomforts brought about by your regular menstrual cycle, try these helpful tips and get some relief.

Turn your troublesome and discomforting times to a hassle-free period.

Comfort pain with the help of tea

Increasing the blood flow can help alleviate the pain brought by menstruation. The heat from tea can surely help ease the pain and increase the blood flow. Varieties of tea will do but chamomile is one of the best teas to use since it is mildly sedative and it can help relax the body.

Rest to cope


During monthly periods, women experience tiredness. And this tiresome sensation often leads to sensitivity and irritability. By acquiring a little extra sleep, the body can rest and it can stabilize the discomforts and mood swings that usually occur during periods. Also, a lack of enough sleep tends to result to mad cravings of cold and sweet foods which can contribute to pain.

Halt caffeine and salt intake

If it has already been a habit of yours to sip a cup of tea or coffee during breakfast or any time of the day, you might want to skip doing this when you are on your red days or if it is still approaching. Caffeine, usually found on coffee, cocoa, chocolates, and soda has the capacity to cause irritation in the stomach and can make the cramps worse. Salt, on the other hand, hinders water retention in the body. So by minimizing your salt intake, the possibility of bloating is reduced and water retention, which is vital, can be maintained. If, however, the urge to eat and drink foods that are rich in caffeine and salt can’t be totally eliminated, simply limiting those can already offer a really huge help.

Stay well hydrated

It is a mistaken belief that bloating can be caused by too much water. On the other hand, water can help you stay away from being bloated. During periods, bloating can be inevitable. Staying fully hydrated can help eliminate the bloating sensation and it can help you feel lighter and better.

Do moderate exercise


When having a period, most women tend to stay still and limit their work load as much as possible. Most seem to have lack of energy. Skipping the regular workout exercise is often done. However, it is important to get up and do some exercises that can help stretch the abdominal muscles. In this manner, there will be an increased blood flow in the pelvic area which will help diminish the cramps. Doing exercise can help you relax and prevent the discomforts from taking part.

Grab some chocolates

A piece of chocolate while on your regular period may be one of the best tips to remove all the discomforts away. By eating dark chocolates, the secretion of serotonin is stimulated. Serotonin is a hormone that can give you a good and relaxing feeling. It can mellow down the irritation, sensitivity, mood swing and anxiety that can ruin your day.

Many can’t wait for the day their period begins. Not because it excites them but because they want to prepare themselves from the disaster it might bring and get it all over with. Now soothe your spirits by doing these simple and yet effective remedies that can alleviate the discomforts when on your period and you might never see your regular period as a bother again.