Ten Ways to Reuse and Recycle Paper


Unlike plastics, paper is biodegradable which means it won’t harm the environment since it easily breaks down and decomposes. Despite that fact, it’s still very important to recycle paper. Keep in mind that paper is made from trees so even if it won’t harm the environment as trash, making some is the opposite. And because of the fact that paper is one of the most widely used products, the demand for paper never stops. Paper is actually very recyclable. So even if you can’t avoid using paper, there are still some steps you can do to play your part in helping the environment. Here are ten ways you can reuse and recycle paper.

1. Make scrap paper into new paper.

A great way to keep kids from wasting too much paper is by turning the paper they’ve used into new paper. Start by making a puree out of scrap paper and water by blending them together. Add food colouring if you want coloured paper. Then just lay it out and let it dry on a rectangular screen. The outcome will be a thick, sturdy paper.

2. Use both sides of the paper.

It’s surprising how many people there are who doesn’t use both sides of a paper. You can print again on the back of printer paper if you’ve only used one side. You can use the back of useless documents for taking down notes or reminders. You can even let your kids draw on the back of used paper. If you don’t want to get confused as to which side you’re currently using, just mark out the already used side with a huge “X.”

3. Line the cage of your pet.

You can line the cage of your pet with newspaper or junk mail. Or maybe shred some paper to make bedding for hamsters or other small pets. Just make sure that the ink on the paper you’re using is non-toxic or else it may cause harm to your pet.

4. Fold them into envelopes.

It’s very easy to make your own envelope out of any type of paper. Magazines and other sturdy types of paper are great for making envelopes. You can even recycle more by using a small blank portion of a used paper to make an address block.

5. Use as wrapping paper.

Instead of buying some wrapping paper for the holiday season, use scrap paper. Used decorative paper or sheets of magazine would look best as wrapping paper. To finish it off, add a bow on top.

6. Make compost.

Most types of paper can actually be added into your compost heap by shredding them first. Since paper is biodegradable, it can help turn soil rich and fertile for the healthy growth of your plants. Just make sure you’re using a safe kind of paper. For instance, you can’t turn glossy or dyed magazine pages into compost.

7. Use it for packing.

You don’t have to buy bubble wrap anymore. If you’re packing fragile items, just shred or crumple a bunch of paper and use it for packing.

8. Turn into stuffing.

Just like how strips of cloth can work great as stuffing, shredded paper can do the same. If you’re making homemade throw pillows or filling stuffed animals, shred any type of paper for the stuffing. It’s free so you don’t have to spend for synthetic padding or stuffing and it works just as well.

9. Use as kindling for fire.

Paper is very combustible so it’s great for starting a fire in your fireplace. Paper bags, newspapers, bondpapers, and more can work however, be wary of papers printed with toxic ink.

10. Turn into paper mache.

If you’re fond of crafts or DIYs, there are a ton of things you can make out of paper mache. Basically, the idea is that strips of paper dipped in a mixture of flour or glue and water then laid together in layers on a frame will dry into the shape of the frame. You can then paint it to use as piñatas, replicas, toys, costumes, and many more, depending on the frame you used.