Things You Should Know about Your Dishwasher


If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a dishwasher in your home, then you’d want to make sure that it’s always performing at its peak.  From the right way to load your dishwasher, to banishing off the stink, to the list of surprising things you can actually clean in your dishwasher—this article has got you covered.

Your dishwasher basics:

  • If you’re after water efficiency, it is way better to wash dishes using a dishwasher than washing them by hand. This is especially true if you have a highly efficient model. So don’t feel bad about running that machine, because you’re actually doing a good thing!
  • It’s cheaper to run your dishwasher at night.

In some areas, the costs of electricity are lower during nights/off-peak hours. Also, you’re doing your kitchen a favour by adding humidity back to it when you run your machine at night.

  • Use white vinegar to remove the stink off your dishwasher and get the shine back to your dull-looking dishes. Add a cupful of vinegar and run your machine with it.
  • If you have rusty dishwasher racks, cover them up with dishwasher rack caps.
  • Run the hot water in the sink first before starting your dishwasher. This will ensure that the machine will start with hot water first rather than spend time washing dishes with cold water.
  • For faster unloading, load your utensil by type.
  • The dishwasher is actually good for cleaning a handful of other items and not just dishes.

Some things that you can wash in your dishwasher that you might actually find surprising:

Your dishwasher is not just for your dishes as there are several other household items that can benefit from its cleaning powers alongside your plates. Do yourself a favour and make things easier for yourself. Add those items to your dishwasher the next time you run a load – they will come out as clean and sanitized to boot.

Range fan grills

Talk about one of the items that take on the most grease at your home. Save yourself the trouble and just chuck them inside your dishwasher for them to be cleaned.

Get your basic metal keys and load them up into your equipment for a nice cleaning that leaves them sanitized too. Do as often as you wish.

Contact case

It’s safe to throw these into the dishwasher once a month to give it a good cleaning.

Facial brush

If yours has a removable brush head, you may also toss it inside the dishwasher to get it cleaned.

Makeup brushes

Your face will benefit lots with constant cleaning of your makeup brushes. Place them in the silverware holder for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Allow them to dry fully before using them again.

Nail clippers and tweezers

These nifty metals can also be safely washed in the dishwasher.

Plastic toys for children

These are also safe to wash inside the dishwasher. Place it on the top rack and rid them of germs and grime.

Fabric duster heads can also be cleaned in dishwashers versus tossing them in the washing machine.


These may benefit from some good cleaning too; add it to the silverware tray of your dishwashing machine.

Extend the life of your sponges by giving it a regular dose of cleaning.

Refrigerator shelves

If they fit, go on and load them up your machine.

Toothbrushes and holders

Yes, better believe it. You may clean your toothbrush and its holders in a dishwasher. Place it on the top rack for easier unloading after.

Baseball hats

Keep your baseball hats squeaky clean by giving them a dose of washing. Place them on the top rack of the washer. They won’t get bent as they likely would if thrown in a washing machine. Air-dry after and use as desired.