10 Incredibly Creative Packaging Designs


With so many products out there, no one can deny the competitive environment between companies. Since many brands sell similar products, companies must think of a way to lure consumers into buying their products instead of others. This is where product packaging comes in. Nowadays, product packaging is as important as the product itself. It should be eye-catching, practical, and clever while also being updated to trends in industrial design such as biodegradability or renewability and being simple enough to be reproduced for years. The right product packaging can ensure the success of the company and enhance the overall experience of the consumer with the product. Here are ten incredibly creative packaging designs.

1. Coffee Cup Lid Holder

pd01image source

The trouble with having a steaming hot cup of coffee on both hands is that you can’t hold the creamer and sugar. Designer Joshua Harris created a coffee mug lid that can hold the creamers and sugars to make the coffee easier to bring for someone or for yourself.

2. Fast Food King

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Burger King found a creative way to make eating more fun. Designer Bernadette Coughlin created burger, fries, and drink packages that fit together to make your own Burger King. You can change his appearance by changing any of the pieces in the packaging.

3. Beef T-Shirts

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Beef-inspired T-shirts are very minimalistic in design and looks great at anyone. What’s even greater is that these shirts are packaged in Styrofoam and covered in plastic wrap, much like the way actual meat is packaged. At first glance, you might mistake these shirts for real meat.

4. Gnome Bread

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What better way to package cone-shaped bread than in a gnome wrapper? The gnome was strategically printed out on the wrapper near the end without its cone to make the bread fill in the missing cone. It’s a very simple packaging that can be reproduced easily throughout many years.

5. Cord Wrap

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One of the things that easily mess up the house is cords. When cords are bought, they don’t usually come with a means to keep them neat. After all, it’s no longer the manufacturer’s problem. However, the packaging of this cord can be torn off and turned into cord ties to keep the cord organized.

6. Take-out Eating Tray

pd06image source

The Food City take-out box is totally waterproof and free of glue so it can efficiently store your food for quite some time without any adverse effects. Moreover, the box can be transformed into an eating tray so you can eat your take-out anywhere you want. You can even customize it with add-on containers for side dishes and sauces.

7. Note Headphones

pd07image source

Noté has come up with a clever way to package their headphones. By arranging the headphones just the right way, it will seem like a note on a musical staff. It’s simple and creative and definitely eye-catching.

8. Beehive Honey Squares

pd08image source

Bears are known to be a huge fan of honey so you’d expect them to be your competitor for the delicious Beehive Honey Squares, and the company made sure to remind you of just that. Right at the front of the packaging, you’ll see a bear with his mouth wide open as if it’s stuffed full of honey squares. The clever packaging also allows you to immediately check whether you’re running out of honey square stocks.

9. Fruit Juice Boxes

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If you have kids at home, they are going to love these juice boxes that look like fruit slices. More than that, they all fit together as one fruit as well. Juicy Juice’s orange juice is packaged as one giant orange that comes apart as orange slices, each slice being one juice box.

10. NYC Spaghetti

pd10image source

Amidst the busy streets of New York City, the Empire State Building stands tall and has become one of the main icons of the city. Perhaps that’s why NYC packaged their pasta in such a way that it will form the shape of the Empire State Building. After all, what better represents the many buildings and skyscrapers of the city than the most majestic of them all?