11 Ways To Repurpose Old Toys

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There are so many reasons why you should repurpose toys. For one, throwing them away contributes to the ever-growing waste that pollutes the environment. Second, if they’re broken, you can’t really give them away anymore. Third, because you’re feeling nostalgic and you find it hard to part with some of the toys you’ve sorted out. And lastly, because you want to hold on to the memories of when your children were still young and still played with toys. Whichever the case, there are so many ways you can find new uses for old toys without having them mess up the house or make a home look childish. Repurposing toys is also a great way to preserve the memories you have with them and to keep them nearby. To give you an idea on what you can do with those toys you simply can’t part with, here are eleven ways you can repurpose old toys.

  1. Wagon Planter

Remember that wagon you used to drag your dolls around with? Give it a new life by turning it into a planter. You can leave it as it or paint it to accentuate its old, rusted look. Plant herbs in the wagon or other colourful plants you want to highlight in your garden or yard.

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  1. LEGO Island

If you’re very patient with a lot of time in your hands, and if you have tons of LEGO, why not turn your plain kitchen island into a LEGO masterpiece? You don’t necessarily have to cover the entire island with LEGO—you can simply do the countertop.

  1. Mirror Junkyard

Revamp a plain mirror by filling its corner with a bunch of small toys. Paint the toys with a metallic grey colour to make it look as if a junkyard of scrap metal has been thrown into a pile on the bottom of the mirror. Use an all-purpose adhesive that has a very strong hold to keep the toys in place.

  1. LEGO Cable Holder

A good way to reuse all those LEGO mini-figures is by turning them into cable holders. Their tiny hands are actually shaped and sized perfectly for most cables. Place them on your desk so you can easily organize your cables and cords instead of just letting them dangle everywhere.

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  1. Wall Art

A fun way to repurpose those tiny plastic figures is by using them to make a minimalistic wall art. Paint the toys with a single, solid colour then stick them onto a plain white background or another contrasting colour of your choice.

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  1. 3D Colour Block Wall Art

If you’re up for something a little more complicated, you can make a 3D colour block wall art. Take a couple blocks of wood then paint it with bright, solid colours. Paint little plastic toys with a contrasting colour then attach one for each block of wood.

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  1. Bookend

You can easily make a clever bookend for two decks of your bookshelf by cutting one of your old, sturdy figurines in half. Attach the top part of the figurine on one end of a shelf and the lower part of the figurine just underneath the same shelf. Position the toy in such a way that your books will have no problem leaning onto its arms and legs.

  1. Planter

A clever way to keep small plants inside your home is by planting them inside old, hollowed out small toys. Just make sure that the toy won’t easily flip over or else you’ll constantly have to clean up spilled soil.

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  1. Drawer Handle

Revamp your plain drawers by replacing the handles or pulls with old toys. Simply unscrew the current handle and screw on your old toy in its stead.

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  1. Accessory Holder

Attach the heads of several small toys on a block of wood so you can hang your jewelries and accessories on it.

  1. Block Hooks

Screw a bunch of wooden building blocks onto the wall so you can have a place to hang your bags, coats, scarves, and keys in. The interesting shapes also make the block hooks look like a professional, modern design.