2 Ways To Achieve Soft and Shiny Locks


They say that the hair is one’s crowning glory. As such many people, especially women, have taken lots of effort and care to keep their hair smooth and shiny. However, because of many factors in the environment along with genetics and the ingredients found in different hair products, having this kind of hair has become a challenge, if not elusive to some. Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which one could restore the shine, bounce and softness of their hair. If you are one who has long hoped for this kind of crowing glory, check out the tips below.

Hair Care

The scalp is home to millions of hair follicles that produce its own natural oil. This oil is responsible for giving hair its natural shine and bounce. However, too much washing could strip it off its natural oils that could result to brittle and rough hair. It is suggested that you stop washing your hair everyday and instead alternately clean it. If grease is a problem during days when you have to wait before you wash it, you could use dry shampoo or talcum powder sprinkled on your scalp to avoid the extra oil.

It could be very tempting to dye your hair but sometimes, these products are filled with harsh ingredients and chemicals that do more harm than good. Some dye treatments use ammonia-infused products during the preps that could render your hair brittle and weak. Dyeing your hair repeatedly could eventually lead it to become dry and dull.

Also, look for products that are sulfate and paraben-free as these two are known to be harsh to hair that could cause breakage.

With the advent of the hair dryer and iron comes the regular use of heated products to style the hair. However, repeated use of these devices could turn your hair brittle or worse, burn it. If you can, avoid using this as much as possible. Should you really need to use any of these gadgets, add some heat-protective product in your hair before subjecting it to the heat.

Of course, getting regular haircuts to get rid off split ends is one effective way to care for your hair. Schedule a date in your hair salon at least every 3 months for a nice trim and you’ll see your hair look healthier and softer.

Hair Treatments

While using a conditioner after your shampoo is useful in making your hair soft and shiny, this product is not enough to combat the effects of the environment and stress to your hair. There are lots of different hair treatments you could have to keep your mane healthy.

• Hot Oil Treatment
This treatment could be done in the salon but if you’re trying to save some, a DIY concoction could be done to give your tresses and extra boost. Mix a tablespoonful each of olive, castor, almond and coconut oil and heat it for three minutes in the microwave. Get the product and massage it into your roots and scalp, making sure that each strand is covered. Place on a shower cap and a hot towel and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse well after.

• Aloe Vera and Honey Treatment
Get an aloe vera and mix it with a tablespoon of honey and conditioner. Massage it into the hair and scalp and leave on for five minutes before rinsing it off. Aloe vera is known for its deep conditioning properties while honey is popular for enhancing the hair’s natural shine. Just be careful in adding honey as it could lighten hair color.

• Apple Cider Vinegar Solution
Apple cider vinegar is one versatile kitchen product. Get equal parts of the cider vinegar and water then mix it together. Pour it onto the hair and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse well.

• Avocado and Banana Mask
Mash one banana and avocado together and apply to wet hair. Leave it on for an hour. Rinse off properly.

Other Hair Tips

• Wet hair is weak. After taking a shower, do not immediately brush wet hair. Instead, let it dry out a bit and use a gentle comb.
• Always use a conditioner after every shampoo.
• Rinse your hair with cold water and never EVER wash it with hot.
• Do not be afraid to seek the help of professionals when you need to consult about something you want to try for your hair.