10 Upcycled Storage Ideas

Image from Virginia Beach Housewife

For many households, storage, or the lack of it, is becoming a huge problem. Not only that, their budget seems to be hindering their desire to buy new storage units to keep their personal things organized. But should budget really be a hindrance in getting your stuff stored in a neat fashion? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to store all your knickknacks, your books, magazines, and what not. All that you have to do is to look for old furniture or accessories that you have around the house and convert them into storage.

Here are 10 upcycled storage ideas that you might want to take advantage of.

  1. Rain gutter reading corner. Old rain gutters can be converted into storages for children’s books. Install them on the corner of your child’s bedroom at your child’s height, place the books they read on the gutters, add a mat and cushions on the floor and you’re done.
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  1. Shampoo bottle as pen and pencil holders. You probably tend to throw away your shampoo bottles once they’re finished but why not make them into something useful? Cut fun shapes on one side of the bottle, add some eyes and mouth, and you get fun pen and pencil holders.
  1. Shutter letter holders. If you have old shutters lying in the garage or storage, why not give them new purpose? Install your old shutter on a blank wall and convert it into a letter holder. The slots are perfectly suited for this job and it will be fun organizing mails for the family.
  1. Rake jewelry organizer. Who would have thought that your old rake can actually have another purpose in life? Remove the handle of the rake and hang the lower portion on a wall in your bedroom where you can hang your necklaces and other accessories that you are frequently using.
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  1. Garden trellis for bedroom storage. Getting your outdoor décor indoor is not a bad idea just like the garden trellis. Install it on the sides of your bed to create a canopy, add some shelves on the trellis, and you have more storage space to place books, dolls, and what not. This will give your bedroom space a quaint look too.
  1. Old drawers as underbed storage. Most likely you have space under your bed that is not being utilized at all. A good solution to this is to convert old drawers into underbed storage. All that you have to do is add some wheels on the bottom of your drawers and put your knickknacks on them and roll under the bed.
  1. Folder holder into nightstand. Wooden folder holders may no longer be in style for you but you don’t have to throw them away just yet. A good way to convert your folder holder is to transform it into a nightstand. Simply install the bottom of the holder onto the wall and use the surface to hold a night lamp and your glasses while the center can be used to store other personal items that you need to be on hand.
  1. Crib magazine holder. Do you have an old crib that you don’t really need? How about converting one side into a magazine holder? The slats are actually the best holders for magazines and you can place it in your living room or bed room if you like.
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  1. Garden baskets as toy holders. Cleaning up after your kids can be tough but letting your kids help store their toys away by adding garden baskets at the same height as them will allow them to easily store their stuff away.
  1. Magnetized jars for storage. Another upcycling storage idea that you should think about is using magnetized jars to store your knickknacks. All that you have to do is add a magnet at the bottom of a jar and install it in a magnet board.