6 Simple Glue Gun Projects

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There are so many projects out there that you can do by yourself. However, most of the really creative DIY crafts often require a lot of tools that beginner’s don’t have access to or skills that beginner’s don’t have. Luckily, there are still many projects you can do that are very simple to make. In fact, there are those that need little more than hot glue gun. Glue gun is not always used for DIY projects because it doesn’t hold as strong as all-purpose adhesives. Nonetheless, you can still create inventive crafts using glue gun that will make you look like a particularly skilled DIY-er. To give you an idea, here are six simple glue gun projects you can do.

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  1. Vase Decoration

Hot glue is not just for adhering things together—the glue itself can be used for decorative art as well. For instance, you can revamp a plain vase by decorating it with hot glue. Simply dab hot glue all around the vase or make a pattern that you want. You can even spell out a word using the glue. Just spray paint over the entire vase afterwards to reveal the design you made and to make it stand out.

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  1. Wine Cork Letters

Here’s a good way to make use of a bunch of corks—turn it into a huge letter that can serve as a centrepiece for an empty wall. You can pick up a large wooden letter at your local craft store and use it as a base for your wine cork letter. Just place the corks on top of the wooden base, making sure to follow the shape of the letter, and then if you’re happy with the placement, use hot glue to secure everything in place.

  1. Bow Necklace

You can make a really pretty bow necklace using little more than hot glue and fabric scrap. Basically, you just have to cut the fabric scrap and shape it into a bow, and then keep it in place using hot glue. If you don’t have fabric scraps, you can use ribbons instead. Attach the necklace chain to finish the bow necklace. You can even decorate the bow with glitter by simply covering it with mod podge then drowning it in glitter.

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  1. Snowflakes

There’s only two things you need to make a bunch of snowflake décor that looks as good as those expensive enamel ones—glue gun and nail polish. Start by tracing the outline of a snowflake using a glue gun. Make sure you do this on top of a sheet of parchment paper so you can easily peel off the glue once it dries. Let the snowflake completely dry, carefully peel it off the paper, and then paint the top of the snowflake with a layer of nail polish to give it a colourful shine. Use glitter nail polishes to make the snowflakes look even more magical.

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  1. Twine Coasters

These simple coasters made of twine can be used for events such as dinner parties or simply for your everyday use. All you really have to do is to wind the twine around to form a spiral shape and glue as you go. Keep winding the twine until you have a circle that’s big enough for glasses and cups. It’s simple to make and yet it looks very elegant and rustic.

Image from The Handy Homegirl
  1. Chrysanthemum Mirror

If you have some time on your hands and you want to make a really creative but simple project, then you can make the elegant chrysanthemum mirror. The main concept is that you have to layer a bunch of plastic spoon heads on top of a sturdy, circular wreath base using hot glue. After filling the entire wreath with layers of spoon heads, paint it by layer to give off a gradient effect. Finally, use the hot glue again to attach a round mirror to the back and center of the wreath.