7 Snapchat Tips That Will Make Your Snaps More Fun

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Snapchat is yet another rising star of the mobile app social media network community. Currently, the app has gained so much popularity that even famous stars, actors, and actresses use them on a daily basis. To accommodate its increasing users, Snapchat has since then had several updates meant to make the user interface easier and more efficient. Still, there are a couple of features in Snapchat that some people have missed or have failed to explore. Unlike Instagram, wherein users aim for elegant photos and a lovely feed, Snapchat is about making your photos or short video clips entertaining. To help you out, here are seven Snapchat tips that will make your snaps more fun.

Image from PCMag Australia

Tip #1: Use two filters in one snap

The use of filters is not lost in Snapchat. In fact, with a simple trick, you can use two filters at once. You can do this by using an image filter and a data label filter. Start by applying the first filter then hold the display with one finger and use your other finger to choose between other filters for the second one.

Tip #2: Use old lenses again

If you haven’t had enough fun with the old lenses but Snapchat has already changed them, you can bring them back by simply changing the date in your device to the date when the lenses you want were still offered. You’ll have to temporary disable the automatic date and time feature of your phone to be able to successfully change the date. Once you’re done, enable the automatic date and time again to prevent it from messing with the other apps.

Tip #3: Use multiple lines of text

Many people are not aware of the fact that you can actually have more than one line of label in your snaps. To do so, write your text in a blank note first then copy and paste it in Snapchat. Keep in mind though that you’re limited to 33 characters per line, including the spaces. You may need to try a couple of times before it actually works      . If it really doesn’t, then perhaps you’ve exceeded the 33 characters limit. Check and try again.

Tip #4: Access more colours

The sliding colour bar on the right side of your screen is not actually the only colour options you have. You can get white by dragging your finger down the slider and towards the upper left corner of the screen. You can get black by dragging your finger down the slider and across the bottom until you reach the bottom left of the screen. You can also get different colour gradients from a specific colour by dragging your finger from that colour on the colour bar to the left of your screen and down. The huge variety of colours will surely make your doodles more fun.

Tip #5: Try out the video filters

Filters on Snapchat are not limited to photo snaps—videos have filters as well. However, there may be some fun video filters that you have not yet explored including those three icons in the video filters bar: snail, rabbit, and a rewind icon.

  • Snail: The snail filter, as the icon suggests, slows down your video to create a slow-motion effect.
  • Rabbit: On the other hand, the rabbit filter speeds up your video’s playback.
  • Rewind: The rewind filter plays your video on reverse.

Tip #6: Easily switch camera modes

Snapchat offers a feature that makes switching between camera modes easier. Simply double tap the screen to switch from rear to front camera or vice versa. Now you don’t have to tap the camera icon on the top-right corner of the screen to be able to switch between camera modes.

Tip #7: Use a front flash

If it’s too dark to take a selfie, you can tap the lightning icon on the top-left of the screen to enable the front-facing flash feature of Snapchat. The flash will turn your screen completely white for a moment in order to brighten your snap.