8 Clever Ideas For Repurposing Old Shutters


Shutters are part of the classic architectural designs. Most shutters are made from wood, but nowadays, special shutters are being made from different kind of material. It was a popular addition to homes which used to be made from high class wood. Nowadays, shutters are rarely seen on houses. Shutters, these days, are commonly seen on ancestral houses, old abandoned houses, small towns or modern houses with a vintage or classic touch. Whatever the case, shutters are timeless. If you happen to have one in your hands, do not throw shutters away, instead, repurpose them. Here are a few clever ideas of repurposing old shutters.

  1. Kitchen Organizer

For those who love to bake, cook, chop, dice, mince and other kitchen-related words, this idea is great for your kitchen. If you have an old shutter, you can place it anywhere in your kitchen as long as its stable and it will not fall. You can put in nails to hang your mostly used utensils. This way, you will not have a hard time opening drawers trying to find things you need.

Image from Greene Acres Hobby Farm
  1. Wall Art

If you have an empty wall and some old shutters, you can place the old shutters in that empty wall and create a very unique and bohemian looking wall art. You can distress your shutters a little bit or just leave it as it is. Hang different arts or things in it to make it look more bohemian.

  1. Mail Storage

Old shutters can be repainted and placed near your door for mail storage. It will hold the mail, bills or cards for you until you are ready to open them. Another great tip is to add hooks on the shutter, this can be used for keys or scarves. Anytime you are on the go, the things you need are right beside the door and on grab them on the go.

Image from Pinterest
  1. Magazine Stand

You can use one shutter hooked on a wall in your living room for magazines. This way, it is easy to choose the next thing to read.

If you are feeling a little creative, you can put two shutters together, making it look like the letter “A” and let it stand anywhere in your house for magazines. You can put this in the living room, cooking area for the recipe magazines or in the bathroom.

  1. Hang Your Accessories

Everyone has an accessory or two, if you do, a great idea is for you to use an old shutter to hang your accessories in. Just place some wooden knobs of choice in and it’s a perfect place to hang necklaces, scarves or even headbands.

  1. Shelves

If you have more time in your hand and you can handle a hammer and a few nails, you can repurpose an old shutter into a shelf. You can use some dividers, wooden or not, and just nail them into the shutter. You can repaint it or distressed it some more or just stain it. You can put books, frames, teapots or any other collections you have.

Image from Pinterest
  1. Headboard

You can clean an old shutter and use it as headboard for your bed. Paint it to match your room or bed. This is an easy and affordable way to add a little more color to your room and bed.

  1. Door

A shutter big enough to be a door is good enough to become a door. You just need some hinges, screws, drills and skills. This is a great idea for homes with vintage or bohemian designs or motifs. Put in a fancy knob if desired. You can use this as the bathroom or kitchen door.