8 Ways to Make Your Blog Content Irresistible

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In these times where the Internet has brought people closer to one another and access to information is easier, blogs have been sprouting up every day. Some of these blogs become experts in their specific niche while others become buried under the rest of the blogs that are vying for the top spot. One reason why many tend to fade into the background is that they are not constantly updated. Another is that their content is not as interesting as internet readers expect.

For those who are planning on setting up a blog or already have one, it is important that you make your content hard to miss. Here are some tips to achieve an irresistible content.

  • Keep it short. People tend to have a short attention span when presented with a page that is just a block of text. If you want to keep your readers’ attention on your site, keep your content short but informative. Use bullets and headings too to break your paragraphs.
  • Add some cartoons. Adding cartoons to your content is a smart move to capture you readers’ attention. Make sure that your cartoon is related to the topic that you are blogging about otherwise it will get lost in translation.
  • Don’t rely heavily on stock images. The problem with using stock photos in your blog is that the pictures that you’re going to use have already been used in some other blog. If you want to make your blog stand out, you will need to take it easy on reusing images from the Web. It would be better to take pictures yourself that you can use in your blog. Just make sure that you add your watermark so others won’t be able to use them without your permission.
  • Know your subject. The problem with blogs that are cropping up is that they don’t have good content. Most just simply rehash what has already been written so they’re not offering anything new. If you really want your blog to make a good impression with your readers is to become an expert in your chosen niche. This means reading about your topic, look up facts, and write what you have learned.

  • Check your grammar. Blogs may be personal in nature but there are those that are set up to promote a business or project. Regardless of what your plans are for your blog, it’s important that you double check your content specifically grammar. Keep in mind that your readers can be easily turned off if what they’re reading doesn’t make sense because there are too many grammar mistakes to be considered a typo. You can have someone else proofread your articles if you don’t have time to double check your content.
  •  Use multimedia. Using multimedia in your blog content such as video, infographic, tweets, and others can catch anyone’s eyes as they can break the monotony of the full text in your blog posts. Multimedia, when used appropriately, can add more value to your posts so use them wisely.
  • Look for inspiration. You won’t be able to write great content without reading what others have to offer. If this is your first time to start a blog it pays to read as many blogs a you can that are related to your niche. This will give you an idea on what others have tackled and can even provide you with inspiration on what to write about in your own blog.
  • Captions work. Yes, using images in your blog is a great idea but if you’re simply pasting a photo without adding any caption underneath, you are not using the image effectively. Adding a caption can make your readers stop and read what’s underneath the photo just so they will know that they have interpreted the image correctly.