Tips for the Best Bulk Workout for Guys


Mass building workouts require a lot of patience, perseverance, and most of all, effort. You also need to have the stamina and the determination to follow the correct bulk workout that will give you the best results. Obviously, the best bulk workout for guys will require a lot of energy, but the rewards are great. It is only through these workouts that you will get the results that you want. There are a lot of workouts that you can perform to gain muscle mass, but there are also various tips that you can follow in order to achieve the best bulk workout for guys.

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How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Determine Which Areas You Want to Improve – Not every exercise routine will work on the area of your body that you want to improve. Before jumping in an exercise routine, find out what part of your body you want to increase in size and look for best bulk workout for guys that will concentrate on these areas.

Longer Workouts Aren’t Always the Best – Limiting your workout to a balanced timeframe is important if you want to keep your anabolic and catabolic hormone levels the way they should be. Working out longer won’t help you gain muscle bulk faster, since your muscle mass will best improve if your mental focus and your energy are at their peak. Always make most out of your workout time but don’t forget that you should not go overboard.

Heavy Sets Require Free Weights – Sure the Smith machine will make your chest feel worked out to the maximum, but the technique to getting muscle mass fast is by using dumbbells. Not only will dumbbells help you build your compound mass, they will also pump out your ancillary muscles. Not to mention that working out with dumbbells will require a large range of motion that will allow you to use more muscles during your workout.

Static Contraction – Leg workouts can be great bulk workout, but another type of exercise routine similar to the leg workout that increases the amount of weight that you lift is the static contraction. This type of exercise can triple the amount of weight you usually lift when compared to a normal leg workout, and is very popular among professional athletes and bodybuilders. The static contraction exercise works by moving the empty sled of the leg press to the very top. Lock in and then double the load of what you normally use for your leg workouts. When performing this exercise, try to force your leg muscles to do the work by holding your position for at least 5 seconds. It may seem easy but this bulk workout can actually push you to your limit.


Take Warm-Ups Seriously – Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean that you should forego warm ups altogether. Injuries are one of the most common risks that come with bulk exercises. Take note that these injuries should not be taken lightly, especially since even professional bodybuilders lose their careers over slipped discs or torn muscles. To avoid injuries, warm up before your exercise and always avoid shocking your muscles by going directly to strenuous routines.