9 Of The Most Bizarre Foods From Around The World

Image from Expedia.ca

With the huge variety of ingredients and flavours across the globe, you can’t expect every single person on Earth to share exactly the same palate. Often, people from the same country or place appreciate the same kinds of foods because those are the foods that are common in their place and those are the flavours they’ve gotten used to. A certain food that might be normal to you could be unusual, verging on revolting, for someone on the opposite side of the planet. Of course, every country has an exquisite cuisine to boast but that doesn’t mean they don’t have exotic flavours to share either. Here are nine of the most bizarre foods from around the world.

  1. Chicken’s Feet – South America, South Africa, East Asia, Caribbean

Since chicken’s feet are a common dish in quite a lot of places, it might not be as bad as it sounds. The texture of the skin is somewhat gelatinous but it’s pretty tasty if it’s flavoured right. After a while, you might find it weird to be chewing on all those bones in the feet.

Image from Japan Info
  1. Fugu – Japan

People usually take extra care in preparing their dish so that it’s completely clean from any toxins or bacteria that can harm the consumer. However, in Japan, death is a known risk if you eat their dish Fugu. Fugu is basically a Japanese puffer fish that contains enough poison to kill around 30 people. Chefs who prepare Fugu are trained for years to learn how to properly prepare the dish. It can be served grilled, in a stew, or as paper-thin sashimi.

  1. Escamole – Mexico

In Mexico, ant larvae from a venomous species of ant are considered to be quite the delicacy. The larvae can be harvested deep down in the roots of the maguey or agave plant and is sometimes termed as “insect caviar.” People say it tastes like butter but that it is somewhat nutty with a consistency similar to cottage cheese.

  1. Shirako – Japan

Shirako is Japanese for “white children” but it is actually a dish made from the sperm sacs of certain fishes such as puffer fish, cod, or angler fish. It looks like a tiny brain but it is said that it tastes sweet and custardy.

  1. Haggis – Scotland

Haggis is basically made from the major organs of a sheep. It is the minced lungs, liver, and heart of a sheep mixed with oatmeal, onions, and suet, which is cooked inside the sheep’s stomach—with salt and spices seasoning. It certainly doesn’t get any more appealing than that.

Image from The Daily Meal
  1. Fried Spider – Cambodia

Fried insects are delicacies in different parts of the world but in the town of Skuon, Cambodia, they specialize in serving fried spider of the tarantula variety. The spiders are deep fried in garlic oil until the outside becomes hard and crunchy while the inside becomes gooey. This snack is very rich in protein and is even said to make the consumer more beautiful.

  1. Balut – Philippines

Balut is made from fertilized duck egg which is boiled and eaten from the shell with salt and vinegar. Expect the embryo to be partially developed inside the egg. Depending on how many days the balut has been fertilized before cooking, you might consume a nearly fully formed duck with all of its bones, feathers, and all.

  1. Black Pudding (Blood Sausage) – Asia, Americas, Africa, Europe

A large number of people find black pudding quite the delicacy and is in fact delicious but still, a large number of people find it revolting. It is basically made form solidified blood that has been thickened with agents like breadcrumbs and suet, and flavoured with natural ingredients. Everything is stuffed into a sausage skin for serving

  1. Jellied Moose Nose – Canada

Apparently, in Canada, someone had the idea of boiling up the nose of a moose with spices, removing the hair, boiling it again, slice it, and set it into a jelly by covering it with a broth which created the local delicacy, jellied moose nose.