Amazing Empty Milk Carton Recycling Ideas


Did you know that milk cartons take 5 years to decompose? Yeah, that’s how long they’re going to take up precious landfill space. While decomposing, those refuses emit greenhouse gases that worsen the current global warming situation!

So instead of dunking those empty milk cartons strewn in one corner of your backyard into the trash bin, recycle them! With a little ingenuity, you can turn those seemingly useless items into an assortment of usable things. Can’t think of one? No problem. Read on to know some wonderful milk carton recycling ideas.

Humongous Ice Cube Trays

ice cube tray

Your regular ice cube trays not enough to catch up with all your cooling needs during those hot summer months? Allow empty milk cartons to do the trick for you. Simply cut off one side of each box, clean thoroughly and fill with water. The massive ice blocks produced are perfect for coolers as well as for kiddie pools.

Clever Floor Guards

floor guard

Rearranging pieces of furniture can be really exciting when giving your home a quick makeover — until you spot those unsightly marks on the floor! Keep your floor graze-free by using milk cartons as tiny and nifty booties for furniture legs. Once in place, you can move around the couch, coffee table and others with utmost peace of mind.

Cost-Free Plant Boxes

planter box

Empty milk cartons are just the perfect size for growing herbs and ornamental flowers. Use a pair of scissors or a cutter to remove one side of the box. Poke some holes in the bottom for water to drain freely. Add some soil and let your green thumb spring into action. Milk carton plant boxes are perfect for small gardens.

DIY Bird Feeders

bird feeder

Use a pair of scissors or a cutter to cut a large square near the base of an empty milk carton. After cleaning and drying thoroughly, smear peanut butter on the base and sprinkle some bird seeds. Poke a hole in the top portion of the carton so that you may install your DIY bird feeder outside with a string or wire for your feathered friends to visit.

Vases for Real or Fake Flowers

flower vase

Cut out the top portion of an empty milk carton. Grab the scrapbooking embellishments of your choice and decorate away until you come up with a tall and elegant vase. Fill the bottom with marbles or pebbles to keep it from tipping over when holding fake flowers. If you wish to use your milk carton vase for showcasing actual flowers, grab a jar that can fit inside the carton. Fill with water and don’t forget to add a crushed aspirin tablet for longevity!

Fun Desk Organizers

desk organizer

Keep your kids’ desks free of clutter by fashioning desk organizers out of empty milk cartons. Decorating them makes for an excellent parent-child bonding moment. For pens and crayons, cut those milk cartons crosswise. Cutting them lengthwise allow your kids to have an organizer for their other essentials such as rulers, scissors, pencil sharpeners and erasers.

Easy Tool Shed Organizers

tool shed

Every moment you spend inside the tool shed can be more productive if you can find everything in a snap. To save time and energy, make sure that every little thing you need is neatly organized. Come up with a DIY tool shed organizer by cutting several empty milk cartons in half and securing them next to one another with glue.

Drawer Dividers

drawwer divider

Furious that all the tiny things in your drawer get mixed up all the time? Grab some empty milk cartons and put an end to such recurring crisis. Simply cut those cartons in half lengthwise. Glue several ones side by side and place inside the drawer. Be creative by combining milk cartons cut lengthwise and crosswise for a more effective drawer organizer.

Paint Containers

paint container

When engaged in DIY home repainting, use empty milk cartons as handy paint containers to save yourself a great deal of time. Cut a carton in half and pour some paint into it. Place the lid back on the can to keep the rest from drying up. An empty milk carton may also be used for mixing small amounts of paint to come up with your custom color.

Feel free to share which of the recycling ideas above made life better for you and your loved ones. If you know of other wonderful ways to recycle empty milk cartons, let everyone know about it!