DIY Summer Craft Ideas

Image from Merriment Design

Summer is just around the corner and with it, more time in your hands especially when your kids are at home. If you don’t want to spend the days being idle, there are plenty of summer craft ideas that you can do on your own or with your little ones. It’s time to do some fun crafts that everyone will surely enjoy.

  1. Summer lanterns. Summer season means spending more time outdoors so why not prepare some lighting for your outdoor sessions using tin cans or pails? You just need to create some holes around the pail and it will be ready for your night time barbecue.
  1. Beaded cocktail stirrers. You will need some wooden dowels, copper wires, and beads for this project. You just need to create your fun beaded designs by inserting the beads in the copper wire, twist them around the wooden dowels and there you have it.
Image from Sew Mama Sew
  1. Insulated bags for mason jars. Try your hands in sewing by making an insulated bag for your mason jars. This way, you can bring your jar of drink with you without worrying about spillage or breaking your glass jar for that matter.
  1. DIY camera strap. Here’s another summer project to try. You will need some leather scraps, your choice of sturdy, colourful cloth, and some spring locks. Sew the leather on both ends of the cloth that you have and make sure that you have sewn well. Add the spring lock on both ends and attach them on your camera. You now have a unique strap for your camera and just in time for the summer.
  1. Punched up plates. Holding on to your utensils during a cookout is hard especially when you’re trying to pile up some food. The best way to hold the utensils in place is to punch some holes on the edge of your plastic plate and tie the napkins and utensils. You will now have a free hand to get food without having to worry about dropping your spoon and fork.
  1. Shadow box bird feeder. If you have a shadow box that you are not using, simply drill a hole in the center of the bottom frame and install a bird feeder. Hang the shadow box from a tree and let your feathered friends eat up.
Image from DIY
  1. DIY gemstone pins. The temperature will rise during the summer and any stray hair will surely annoy. So instead of just using plain old bobby pins, decorate them with some colourful gems to add more style to your hair.
  1. Picture centrepieces. If you want to add more personality to your tables, how about making some fun centrepieces with lanterns and your family photos. All that you have to do is insert your photos on the panels of your lanterns and put them on the table. This will give you and your guests something to talk about during meal times.
Image from the3rsblog
  1. Cocktail umbrella pendant lamp. This one’s a bit of a challenge but nevertheless something fun to do. For this you will need about 80 pieces of cocktail umbrellas and a paper globe lantern. For this project, you need to cut off the bottom part of the cocktail umbrella. Spray some adhesive on the paper lantern and stick your umbrellas into the paper lamp slowly. Make sure that the umbrellas are open as you insert them into the pendant lamp. Use tacky glue on the inside then slip a tri bead to hold the umbrellas in place. Let the glue dry for 3 hours before using your lamp to see the full effects of your hard work.