Easy Yet Creative DIY Bookmarks


Chances are, you’re probably not even using a proper bookmark for the book you’re reading right now. Any bookworm out there knows that any flat or semi-flat item can be turned into a bookmark such as receipts, used-up cards, scratch papers, and more. However, nothing can beat a good, fun bookmark that can enhance your reading experience in one way or another. Although it’s not necessary, a good bookmark can make your reading easier and more fun. The bookmarks that usually come with books are rather plain and not creative. On the other hand, buying a bookmark from the bookstore seems like an unnecessary way to spend money. Bookmarks are relatively easy to make on your own. By making your own bookmark, you won’t have to spend for a unique bookmark designed according to your preference. Here are seven easy yet creative DIY bookmarks you can make.

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  1. Cup of Tea

A cup of tea and a good book goes perfect for each other. To honor this pairing, you can make a simple cup of tea bookmark. You can make the teacup by printing out an image or by cutting its template onto a decorative paper. For the tea tag, you can either use a string and an improvised tea label or you can take the one from your used up teabag. Glue the teacup onto a cardstock with one end of the tea string in between then cut the cardstock according to the teacup’s shape.

  1. Grungy Pattern

Brightly coloured bookmark can wake you up when you’re starting to drift off from a book. Use any brightly coloured cardstock then cut it into the shape you want your bookmark to be. Make a hole at one end then tie it with a string. To make the grungy pattern, use a dried out marker.

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  1. Ribbon Paper Clip

Making a ribbon paper clip bookmark is a great way to make use of a pretty fabric scrap you can’t seem to throw out. Just make a ribbon out of the fabric scrap then loop the center of it into a small paper clip. Dab a small amount of hot glue in between the ribbon and the paper clip to keep the ribbon from slipping off.


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  1. Pompom Bookmark

You can make an adorable pompom bookmark using nothing more than yarn and scissors. Start by making the pompom. Basically, wrap a generous length of yarn around two of your fingers, and then pull both ends at opposite directions to tie them up at the center. Cut around the ball to free the strands. Finally, tie a length of yarn to the pompom so that the pompom rests at one end.

  1. Clip Heart

Clip heart bookmarks are very easy to make and you have an infinite option to the color and pattern combinations you can do. Basically, cut a large heart and a smaller one from two different colors or paper pattern designs. Glue the smaller heart on top of the larger one but remember to only glue the top portion. You can then insert the page you’re in between the large and small heart.

Image from Sea Lemon DIY
  1. Arrow Bookmark

The arrow bookmark can help you remember exactly where you stopped reading. Start by cutting a small arrow out of a Popsicle stick. Cover the cut-out arrow with any washi tape pattern you like. Then, sew the arrow onto a closed length of garter. Once you decide to stop reading, just wrap the garter from the back cover of the book to the page you’re in and position the arrow to the part where you stopped.

  1. Monster Bookmark

You’ll need very little origami skills to successfully make the monster bookmark. The trick, however, lies in decorating it. Add huge teeth and huge eyes to bring out the monster in it. Insert the corner of the page you’re in between the mouth of the monster to make it look like the bookmark’s eating the page. Kids will surely love this bookmark and may even encourage them to keep reading.