How to Lose 6kgs in One Month


One of the silent epidemics of the modern world is obesity, and even being slightly overweight can already give you multiple health issues that will cost you money and time in medical care in the future.


A most effective way to get rid of health issues is to lose enough weight in a month to lower the risks of health issues. However, the question is: Is it even possible to do so, let alone do it healthily?

The answer is: It’s possible, and it may take some changes in your lifestyle.

Here some guidelines and tips on how to lose some weight in a month. If we want to challenge ourselves, let’s pin our weight loss at six kilograms.

Check with your doctor first

Before you decide to do anything, be it changes in your diet, to exercise and even the use of weight loss drugs, you should consult with a doctor so he or she can clear you for it, and give you absolute limits on what you can do. If you want to push those limits, you should allow yourself to be monitored on a weekly basis.

This also applies with a physical trainer, if you wish to use exercise – if you want to push your physical limits, having a physical trainer on board will be a great help in making sure you have no injuries or sudden complications.

How to lose weight without exercise

For many of us, the idea of exercising after a full day’s work isn’t workable at all. However, that does not mean that we shouldn’t follow some advice on how to lose weight without exercise.

Make your chores your exercise – Set a regular schedule for your chores, so that they can be your form of exercise. This also includes walking to nearby shops and other places in the neighborhood, so you can get some exercise while doing your daily activities.

Rehydrate yourself – When you are going around, do make sure you have access to water. If you feel a bit of hunger or you feel drowsy, check with your doctor if it’s okay to drink unsweetened fruit juice or electrolyte replacement drinks which can replace essential minerals in your system.

weight loss 1

Diet is the key issue – If you’ve been trying to lose weight, then you’ve definitely read about low-sodium, low-fat, and low-carb diets. However, the real trick here is to find out what does work for your body. The key to that is your doctor. Do take a blood test and find out what kind of diet you need. From there, you can do your own research. See if the doctor approves, and then follow your diet as closely as possible.

You deserve a cheat day – Depending on your dietary restrictions, the temptation to cheat can overwhelm you. One way to prevent yourself from cheating is to set one day out of the week as your cheat day. On that day, you should allow yourself some of your favorite food – but don’t overeat! Try to keep your portions smaller. Keep in mind that once you reach your target weight and maintain it, that you can keep on eating your favorite things – with reasonable portions.

Do remember, the whole key to losing weight without actual exercise is to use your daily activities as your exercise, and then control your food portions, aside from following the recommended diet.

Diet plans for weight loss

While we’re on the subject of diets, many people must be wondering why no specific diet is being suggested. That’s because your diet may have to be specifically customized for your needs, and should be approved by your doctor (and your physical trainer, if you have one). Here are some more pointers about diet plans for weight loss.

Don’t keep a secret stash – Do make sure that when you embark on a diet, that you clear your whole house of stashed snacks and other goodies that you can use to cheat with. Diet plans for weight loss can easily be derailed by having stashes of extra food.

Inform people that you are on a diet – Social reinforcement is very important, even if the person who wants to lose weight is dead set on doing so. Diet plans for weight loss can render a person temporarily weak both in mind and body, as they get used to healthier food and lesser portions. This is the reason why people who are on a diet need emotional reinforcement.

Don’t forget the portions – Some people think that the food itself will help them lose weight. That’s only a half-truth. Diet plans for weight loss also take into account how much you should eat of it. You must be strict about portions when it comes to the meals. If you still crave for more food, then you should consult with your doctor or trainer on what liquids (like water or juices) can best make your stomach feel full.

Healthy Weight Loss


True healthy weight loss will always include schedules exercises that are meant to burn off as much of your fat as possible. In fact, the idea is to attack your fat deposits in two ways. One way is through your diet, so you can replace your body’s components with healthier food, and the other one is to hasten the burning of your calories, so your healthy food can be integrated into your body faster, making you lose weight with a minimum of energy loss. Your protein and other nutrients will also be in balance, ideally.

Stick to your exercise schedule – Your exercise schedule is supposed to work with how your body burns fat across the whole day. Properly timed exercises can also prevent energy slumps, allowing you to have a more even disposition across the day, and will allow you to be even more productive.

Don’t overdo the exercises – Follow only what your trainer suggests, or what the exercise plan says. Exercising too much can cause cumulative injuries and can even lead to physical collapse.

True healthy weight loss shouldn’t lead to accidents and injuries, if properly done.

Six Kilograms

If your plan to lose weight in a month is set at six kilograms, then you should take into account the following:

1) If you wish to do this without exercising, then you must be very strict with your diet. Everything morsel of food that enters your mouth should be calculated for calories. It’s highly possible that your diet will be low-calorie, low-sodium, and low-carb in nature, and just low enough for maximum weight loss without health issues. There is no room for cheating, at least for the duration of the month. Diet plans for weight loss of about six kilograms a month will probably require that you have a breather month in between executions, so that you won’t end up totally rebelling after a few months, or worse, lose all your gains once the diet ends.

2) With regular exercise, however, losing six kilograms will actually be easier, as you can be less strict with your diet, as long as you have an exercise component for healthy weight loss. However, the issue here is how much exercise you will be allowed to do, and how important the diet will be in reaching your target weight loss.

With proper monitoring by your doctor or your trainer, you can definitely lose six kilograms – Don’t let others tell you it’s too dangerous. All you need is the willpower and the encouragement to do it.