Seven Tips for Better Youtube Videos


If you’re planning to start a YouTube channel or if you already have a channel but it isn’t flourishing, you may want to think over the videos you will or you have uploaded. When YouTube just started and channels just began popping up, anyone had a chance to get views on their videos. However, that isn’t the case anymore today. There are already millions of YouTube users and millions of YouTube videos. So much in fact that anything you might try to add in the queue will get lost in all of the other video possibilities. When you’re on YouTube, it’s easy to get stuck on the numbers. If you’re hoping for more views, then step up your YouTube game. Here are some tips for better YouTube videos.

Tip #1. Have a good camera quality

Many YouTubers known today started out with just a normal camera that could shoot videos. Some even started out with just their laptop’s camera. However, the standards for YouTube video quality have gone up now that there are so many different YouTube channels out there. Low quality videos would turn people away and keep them from watching more of your videos. People would always prefer videos with good quality so use a camera that can shoot high quality videos of 720-1080 pixels.

Tip #2. Have a good lighting

It’s not enough to have a good camera. You can have a good camera with bad-looking output because you shot your video in a poorly lit place. Having a good lighting will keep your videos looking great and will keep it from looking grainy.

Tip #3. Be consistent

Your videos should have a theme. This will allow you to establish your channel name as someone who specializes on something. This doesn’t mean that your videos should cover the same subject all the time—just follow a basic concept. This also means that you should be consistent when posting your videos. You should have a schedule and you should follow it religiously.

Tip #4. Have a good thumbnail and title

You may already know that thumbnails play a great part when posting YouTube videos. Thumbnails offer a sneak peek into your video and are therefore very important in the decision-making of viewers. Will they click on the thumbnail or not? The title also plays a part. People will click on the title that is most relevant to what they want and they will click on the thumbnail that looks as if it offers a great video behind it.

Tip #5. Have a good content

No matter how good your video quality is, it’s all useless if your videos are boring and are neither engaging nor entertaining. Even if your aim is to impart knowledge by giving out lecture videos, it will still gain more popularity if you think of an entertaining yet engaging way to do it. This is also where your personality comes to play. If you’re shooting videos of yourself, no one would be interested if you’re boring and if you’re not engaging. You should look and be energized and you should also be entertaining.

Tip #6. Talk

One way to make your videos entertaining is if the viewers can actually hear you talk or if they can hear your voice. Perhaps you’ve already encountered a YouTube video wherein everything the uploader needed to say was written down on on-screen text. Was that as entertaining and as engaging as videos that let you hear the uploader’s voice?

Tip #7. Be specific with tags

The tags allow other people to find your videos but tags can be very broad so your video could get buried in the search results. Remember, you’re not the only one posting videos.